Film Theory: Wall-E’s SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar’s Wall-E)

Film Theory: Wall-E’s SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar’s Wall-E)

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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn’t an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That’s right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good ‘ole BnL ruined it for everyone!

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68 Responses

  1. the commentator me says:

    now i dont feel bad for throwing that straw r.i.p straw 2018-2018 10 likes to rescue the straw

    • the commentator me says:

      the straw is now being reused the earth has one straw less as polution

    • the commentator me says:

      new mission if u choose to like. 30 likes to make me a sandwich and a lemonade to use the straw

    • tommysil says:

      the commentator me Use reusable Bamboo straws.

    • billy bob says:

      I thought the photo of Starbucks selling paper straws was absolutely HILARIOUS. They’re selling paper straws to cut down on plastic… but they’re selling the paper straws in plastic wrappers. Oh the irony 😂

      And yes I imagine it may save a bit of plastic in net value, but I still thought it was funny

    • Twitchyness TWITCHY says:

      billy bob With them selling paper straws instead is also a way to stop them from hurting sea life. Animals get them stuck up their noses. It’s horrible for the poor thing and paper ones will break down with water

  2. Josiah Paz says:

    Sorry about Ronnie but we can only go forward and thanks for the content you gives us to enjoy

  3. DarkTyyp Music says:

    I love how many Pokémon references there are in this theory. Great job!

  4. J.K. :-p says:

    This also explains why Auto didn’t want the people to go back to Earth

  5. BlackScape says:

    Raised in Philly here to tell you I love that you love Always Sunny.

  6. BlackScape says:

    This is the most meta episode of Film Theory ever.

  7. GAVIN DAY says:

    Hi Matt! I had a great idea for a film theory. There has been a Jurassic Park theory rolling around that says the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 is actually InGen’s first hybrid. This is backed up by the Masrani Global backdoor website and lines in the movie. It’s really cool! And something that’s begging for a theory

  8. ScarletteWolf 12 says:

    11:54 yeah, but Syndrome most likely founded BNL. Think about that.

  9. Justin Y. says:

    The villain is Dio

  10. Dart Frog says:

    Still waiting for Wall-E 2

    • Jaden Rickards says:


    • Outrider says:

      But what would the story be? The first one ended with humanity returning to Earth and rebuilding a paradise. There isn’t much left to cause a conflict. Wall-E strikes me as a one and done story.

    • gamerboy05 says:

      Outrider what about with wall-e and eve themselves? And who knows? Maybe auto reactivated himself and makes himself a body like the other robots except weaponized robots to return? Definitely possible.

    • randomperson8571 says:

      I feel like it’ll be kind of boring now that the humans have returned to earth and everything’s green and skinny again…

    • Jake TheSnake says:

      Nuclear fallout edition

  11. Dionette says:

    It’s not just about who’s willing to go into space, it’s also about who’s able. The wealthy few are the ones that’ll be able to afford space travel and the rest of us will likely be left behind. Possible health problems could also be a factor. If you’re unlikely to survive the trip, you’re staying here.

  12. NightWingxX Roach says:

    I really how this gets to the top so MatPat can see it

    How much youtubers talk in the first 5 second of their vid

    random youtuber “hey guys what’s up”

    MatPat explains string theory, quantum mechanics, and a complete FNAF timeline to a 3 year old

    Btw this isn’t supposed to be offensive

  13. Sam Mac says:

    that joke in the begining deserves a like not even considering the video.

  14. Aeon Siege says:

    Disney + Walmart = BnL

  15. Noirlathotep says:

    Archaeologists study human civilizations and artifacts, not dinosaur bones or human remains; that’s Paleontologists. C’mon, Matpat. You’re better than this.

    • Jordan Tucker says:

      So your saying an egyptian mummy is a fossil :l , then king tuat must be way older than initially thought.

    • Noirlathotep says:

      At no point did I imply that. Maybe I should clarify archaeologists don’t study Fossilized or frozen remains. But my point still stands. Mat confused Paleontology and Archaeology. Not the same thing.

  16. Larry Wolf says:

    FUN FACT: Unless you’re recycling _only metal,_ you’re actually being more inefficient and causing more waste!

    Paper? Our renewable paper forests replenish themselves at a rate easily able to keep up with supply and recycling paper is needlessly expensive in comparison.
    Plastic? At the moment, it takes far more energy and resources to recycle plastic than simply making another plastic widget.

    But hey, telling you this stuff is inconvenient for people running recycling centers (for profit)…

  17. Sonia's Way says:

    Today I learned a new word..”Garbologist” 👍
    ….btw can I work with you guys, I make animated videos and I can do good editing 🤗

  18. Toastinator says:

    You can, sadly, really tell that the theorist crew is missing a member. You will be missed, Ronnie.

  19. van browne says:

    2:25 can that be the second golden rule behind “treat others like you treat yourself “ i mean that is a literal godlike statement because social media people are sheep (most)

  20. Tyler Lee says:

    Garboder is a great Pokemon. It is just a better designed Muk

    Release the controversy

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