Film Theory: Wall-E’s Unseen CANNIBALISM!

Film Theory: Wall-E’s Unseen CANNIBALISM!

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Wall-E is one of my all time favorite movies, cheering me up even when I’m in the worst of moods. But the other night when watching it, between the many moments of manly weeping, I came to a horrible realization – Cupcake-in-a-Cup is People! IT’S PEOPLE! I mean where else would their food be coming from? Now you’re saying MatPat that seems a little dark, maybe even far fetched; and, I wish you were right. But unfortunately, I’m here to prove it to you.

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20 Responses

  1. Ugore Tron says:

    What if they just have a compartment in which they grow food and another
    where they breed animals? The captain might not know what a plant is but it
    could still grow there. They could of have not been told about it. Think if
    they had seeds and a compartment for food and animals then they could get
    the water the same way you said and grow crops and give the animals
    something to drink. They could use the crops to feed the animals because
    lets face it, nobody on that ship has ever had a salad or something. They
    can then breed the animals and use some for food and the rest for breeding.
    Also for the dead humans they could of just dumped them into space in
    caskets but not in the garbage room. They are shipped out through a shoot
    that launches them into space. or yes they could burn them. sure your
    reason makes sense but still, wouldn’t you think that they would figure out
    quickly that they are eating human bodies.

  2. charles “PigeonMan45” grimmer says:

    matter Pat, are you aware that scientists have recently used stem cells to
    literally grow a burger in a pitre dish? not to mention people have been
    growing crops with artificial sunlight for years. I’m not saying that the
    ships Ai isn’t being inefficient, wasting perfectly good human cadavers,
    I’m just saying it’s unlikely to be the *only* source of nutrition.

  3. son of gaming says:

    Although i´m sure you won´t read this:
    There are Bakteria that can produce large carbonstuctures like suger out of
    If you would have tanks with these Bakteria and feed them methan + human
    dump for nitrogen they could produce everything you need to live. This
    isn´t possible as a food sure now as the to high percentage of dna in
    bakteria would lead to gout but we talking about hundert years in the
    future so i think this would be a possibility…
    Still funny theory and all 😉
    keep it going

  4. Max The Magic Man says:

    Trust MatPat to go straight to cannibalism just because there weren’t any
    dead bodies shown in a movie made for kids.

  5. Pedro Saabedra says:

    well maybe they have a cloning food machine

  6. Anonymous Youtuber says:

    What about all the Mad Human Disease that should be going on, Matpat?

  7. sham pera says:

    Pause at 13:36. MATPAT IS SECRETLY WORKING FOR COCA-COLA. but hey thats
    just a theory…. a conspiracy thoery. But seroiusly he even said he
    studied neurology. NEUROLOGY+YOUTUBE= ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED. Thanks for

  8. sham pera says:

    Maybe do a theory on Harry Potter movies. Why do I feel theres something
    suspicious about the movies ( especially Deathy Hallows) . Something
    lurking in the shadows… other than the consistent illuminati symbols in
    the movie. Who agrees?

  9. xXzman9000Xx says:

    I feel like that’s not how science works matpat…

  10. TypicalGalaxy AJ says:

    Man. You must have a weird search history

  11. Natasha aa says:

    0:39 yeah i remember watching frozen as a little kid…?

  12. O Bern says:

    You have a fatal flaw in your theory…
    Considering that an average adult requires about 2,500 calories a day means
    that each of the 600,000 people on the ship would need to eat one full
    human corpse every 40 days (using your 100,000 calories per corpse
    measurement). So basically every 40 days you would need the entire ships
    population worth of new dead people. So you would run out of food veeeeeery
    quickly even IF you would feed the dead people to the still living. I would
    even go so far as that it would not make a difference at all.

    “But wait!” I hear you say Matpat. They had 7 years of food ratios where
    they could have kept all the frozen bodies to serve for later.
    Using the average annual death rate of the US of 8.3 per 1000 people as
    approximation, this would give you ONLY about 35.000 corpses in 7 years
    time. That would last about about 2.3 days at best but probably much less
    since you already hinted at the long live spawn of around 200 years so
    death rate is most likely much much lower.

    But all in all a nice idea but completely impossible… Whatever their
    nutrition secrete is, it can’t be human corpses (at least not for the
    largest part).
    PS: Really like your work on Film Theory and Game Theory… Never miss a
    single episode.

  13. K Pressman says:

    Wall-E is just…. Ruined for me. CURSE YOU OVERLY EXPOSING MATPAT OF
    STRANGE THEORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. imcintyre01 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen if you look at 9:41- 9:45 you should see and recognize
    something called….coffee. It is this same coffee that just so happened to
    be freshly brewed, and drunk without a straw in the movie. It is to be
    understood then that this is actually coffee as no amount of human flesh
    would hold to the same waking principles as coffee. So, if they have
    coffee, the have coffee beans. Unless they have a hidden rash of coffee
    beans for the captain only, they have to be grown somewhere. My proposition
    is the dead bodies are used as fertilizer to grow the food on the ship. It
    makes more sense for someone whose smart enough to grow an addicting drug
    like coffee and than sell it for power or favors on board the ship only to
    have a captain who knew plants could be grown causing a detrimental effect
    on society to be found out only denies ever seeing or knowing what a plant
    is in the first place, than to believe they are eating dead people. Nice
    click bait there mat, I once thought you put effort in and didn’t do it for
    the views.

  15. c dawg says:

    If you look in the description, he spelled Dory as Dori.

  16. Max Adnell says:

    We’re do they get the iron.

  17. Nate Landin says:

    Whoa now. WHOA NOW. You can’t just sling mud at The Incredibles and get
    away with it.


  18. almarcToGether says:

    People can’t become fat, if they eat people, cause dead people can’t get
    more calories, than they eat. It’s simply impossible. But still, where did
    they get that food?

  19. Negatron341 says:

    Well thanks to you, I will never look at this movie the same way

  20. ThelittledancingFoot says:

    Can you be my science teacher my 6th grade math and science teacher sucks
    cupcake in a cup.