Final Four Oregon Stream – Thursday Morning

Final Four Oregon Stream – Thursday Morning

Praying for peace.

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20 Responses

  1. Dena Walters says:

    get high some more an rant..crazy..

  2. CplSki USMC says:

    God Bless you all. Gavin, please get a legal defense fund established so
    that those of us who are moved by this selfless patriotism can help.

  3. Cameron Mcdonald says:

    Gavin, I saw one of your earlier videos on a school banning a confederate
    flag, and my school is doing the same, I am a younger could so I couldn’t
    really do anything, How do I go about getting it unbanned

  4. TheZombieHolocaust says:

    what if they start occupying their jail cells – im scared guys

  5. Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax says:

    We are all in the refuge, pay you tax’s or lose everything and then some
    Americans are pretty stupid and scared by Govern-Mental EDUCATION !!!!!!

  6. TheLiberalist D says:

    Pathetic bastards. First they claim to respect the constitution and the
    rule of the law. Then they go and occupy federal wildlife refuge to air
    their grievances. How more stupid can it get! Do they know the term
    “judicial review”, or the various forms of administrative review boards
    that exist at the state and federal level? These review boards exist to
    hear an aggrieved party seeking a redress against agents of the government,
    whether at the state or federal level. Go enlighten yourselves, idiots.
    Armed militia your ass! You are criminals and as such face the law and get
    the legal punishment you deserve. This video shows how stupid and ignorant
    these so called patriots are.

  7. Sam Benette says:

    he’s awake and speaks truth! I pray GOD supernaturally protects him!

  8. Sam Benette says:

    they got Blaine and if they just let up they can get this guy (alive) let
    him alone! he will leave sooner or later…this is entrapment big time. sad

  9. Ch0plol says:

    The founding fathers would have fired a cannon into the camp these guys
    were sitting in.

  10. 0alejandroellis0 says:

    How does this guy have a dxracer chair

  11. kurtdakilla says:

    Those 4 could have fought the feds and be remembered as heroes but NOOOOOO
    you and bible lady had to talk them out of it.

  12. faerianne says:

    Gavin and KrisAnne are heroes.

  13. King of duloc says:

    what is this about?

  14. KDEN Kurosaki says:

    i dont feel like sitting for 3 hours and listening to this so can anyone
    tell my why this is trending and what is it about?

  15. Nonsense Videos Japan ナンセンス ビデオ ジャパン says:

    I want the stats on how many facepalms the FBI did during all this. Must be
    a new record.

  16. Mckenzie Mcneale says:

    Ignorant buffoon. Get out of Oregon, you are tainting my beautiful state.

  17. NumbGnome70 says:

    can someone please tell me what is going on

  18. evobusa says:

    Lmfao fail

  19. Lighthouse Worship Center says:

    lol your out of you mind

  20. Brad V says:

    The constant bible toting was annoying a fuck.