Final House Tour & Our Baby’s First Video! | OMG We Bought A House

Final House Tour & Our Baby’s First Video! | OMG We Bought A House

New Moon and NEW Merch! Now that Moon is 3 months old, we’re back at making videos … starting with our last episode ever of OMG We Bought A House! SHOP OUR NEW CREATIVE WEIRDO MERCH!


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Creative Credit:

Audio Tracks – Epidemic Sound:

Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Producer: JJ Mayes
Filmed by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Editor: Vianne Robitaille
Sound: Nick Carignan

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44 Responses

  1. Faith says:

    Man this is so emotional to watch as someone who dreams of doing something like this for a home! Congratulations on your beautiful baby and your beautiful home. You guys work so hard and are amazing inspirations ❤️ much love!

    Also Moon is such a mini Joey!

  2. Lora Macks says:

    How in Gods name did a 2 bedroom house list for over a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!

    • Le Z says:

      @Greatest Ever they literally got it re-evaluated by an agent ?

    • Greatest Ever says:

      @Taylor Gayhart  @Taylor Gayhart  Ive lived in different parts of California my whole life. The house looks like shit and not worth what they payed at all. Just cause they could afford it doesn’t make it a good price. The house was overpriced, and looks the same, even messier than it did before. The color combinations are strange and they just added a bunch of clutter to make it look worth it. Most house flippers do this but in this situation it’s overkill to the max and it looks terrible. Sorry if you are offended by my honesty.

    • Jessica Garcia says:

      This is no different to living in Sydney, houses that small in are always 1 mill plus and that’s just in the middle class home. We have small 2 bedrooms selling for 5 million + depending on the area. It’s crazy

    • Michelle eggers says:

      @Greatest Ever I’m sure you know better. I’m surprised they didn’t get your opinion before they bought it.

    • Mack V. says:

      @Greatest Ever “I’ve lived in a different part of California” that end the conversation. You are not living in LA. I suppose you like cleaner look, which is fine, but having a fully decorated rooms is more popular among the majority of people. But because you don’t find it appealing due to your PERSONAL taste, then you should state it as your personal taste, not “THE HOUSE IS EVEN MORE CLUTTER THAN BEFORE, LOOK THE SAME, UGLY!!” They fix the house based on current trends, because they want to aim for a larger audience. They are not going to target to a niche group of people. Sorry that house flippers are not making homes that is of your interest, but it’s not their fault that they need to feed themselves. Also, “messy” shouldn’t be your concern when buying a home, people take their furniture out, it’s not a part of the house. You can decorate your own home base on what you like, what a concept. Also, of course it’s going to be more messy, you are comparing an empty house to the one with furniture in it.

  3. Shreya Chaudhry says:

    I remember when I first discovered this series 2 years ago!! It’s nice to come full circle and see how amazing their house looks now. And it feels even more complete with Moon ???

  4. Wendy Alejandra says:

    The whole time they’re talking about the house, I was watching moon sleep?? it’s so precious ?

  5. Jordan Sneed says:

    Omg I think moon wearing a “creative weirdos” shirt just may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  6. U deserve the best bb says:

    Here in Texas a mansion starts at 500,000 a house that size 300,000 . when I heard 800,000 I was like ?

    • Nicky Croft says:

      Yeah, my house is bigger than theirs and was around 300,000. But then again I do live in England sooo houses are cheaper

    • Agatha jay says:


    • blarghies says:

      @Nicky Croft Not as expensive as Australia! So freaking ridiculous. :-/ Our house is tiny, one story, was an absolute shithole, no maintenance for about 20 years, is an hour out of the city in the country surrounded by people who have car graveyards near our fence and all around who burn their rubbish, and the garden is just bracken fern and a few trees. The people didn’t even clean when they left. Left heaps of junk outside too. Yet…. top dollar must be paid just to get any house here.
      I think the only difference would be London. I’m guessing it is almost impossible to buy anything in London? Like, a closet would cost $5mil hahaha

    • Melissa Helms says:

      Where in TX do these mansions costs so little? I’ve seen them over 1 million before in the Dallas & surrounding areas.

    • Monica says:

      Just bought a house that’s a bit bigger than theirs for 135,000 ?

  7. Meagan Bianca says:

    Did not think this would make me get so emotional. Even though I do not know Kate and Joey I am so proud of what they accomplished!

  8. Maethorial 7 says:

    Imagine the old owners watching this saying “Well damn, we thought the colors were beautiful in our house.” ?

  9. Natalie Moser says:

    We need OMG we flipped a house!!!!

  10. Kayla says:

    Aww I can’t believe this is happening hands down favorite video ever such a cute family for real ?

  11. Carole White says:

    Just beautiful!! Moon steals the show though; he’s totally adorable!!!

  12. Jordan Lobato says:

    I love you guys and you inspire millions!! Im a creative weirdo and I’m proud!! Can’t wait for the next video !

  13. thebionicmom says:

    Cutest intro update ever.
    Cutest baby ever.
    Cutest little house make over.

  14. Megan Francis says:

    Thank you for sharing the details of the finances of your home! It is so helpful to know how much flipping a house can really cost investment wise. Very informative! Moon is so cute btws!!!

  15. Jasmine Bigness says:

    Omg the amount appraised for that house just shows how crazy the housing market is in LA

  16. Sophia Volpe says:

    I am so happy for you three! I can’t even think about your life without your newly modeled house and new born baby. I can’t wait to watch you guys raise Moon in that Beautiful “space”. Love you guys to the “Moon” and back.

  17. Taylor White says:

    I would love for the story about Moon being taken up to the moon to play while mom and dad watch from the nursery to be illustrated by Kate and published as a baby book because that really is so precious and sweet

  18. Rachelle Cham says:

    My favorite episode is when you guys brought your realtor and the guy from the bank and spoke to them about your plans. I was like that is such a smart thing to do if your plan is to one day make a profit and I would have never thought of that.

  19. Emma Lickel says:

    Wow, that house is 1 million dollars and it is so tiny. But I love the style and you guys made it really cute

  20. Professional Commenter says:

    I’ve been here since you guys lived in the apartment. Man how time flies.

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