Finding Out We Are Pregnant

Finding Out We Are Pregnant

Finally announcing we’re PREGNANT with baby #4. November cannot come fast enough!!! So many updates coming soon, eeeekkkkkk WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Thank you all so so much for all the love and support!!

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A family of FIVE with our youngest being only a few months old and our oldest who we had at 18, being 3. We are a young family going through whatever life throws at us with a giant camera in our hands.

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48 Responses

  1. Hollie Fisher says:

    This genuinely makes me so emotional because I’ve been here since the beginning of your pregnancy with Alaya and now this is your last. It’s been amazing watching you guys grow as a family and I can’t wait to see your future❤️❤️

  2. lara says:

    i’ve been here since just after levi’s birth this is crazy… also we would have been pregnant at the same time i was also due in november

    • Michelle says:

      Girl, same. It’s so crazy to watch her go through all the pregnancies and seeing the kids grow 😭

  3. aqeelah johaar says:

    I literally thought she was on the past 2 vlogs and then went to insta to see if I see the same bump haha! Congrats guys

  4. Sophie Lawrence says:

    This was so emotional I remember when Levi was born and now he is 4. Cant believe it’s been that long

  5. Muffin5799 says:

    Oscar says “pudding” and all I can think of is Dean Winchester 😂

  6. Amber Marie Lewis says:

    I’ve been here since levi was born and that’s over 4 years ago 😳

  7. Dayna Chua says:

    I’ve been here since you were pregnant with Levi…. THIS MAKES ME SO EMOTIONAL.

  8. Karen Castillo says:

    I KNEW IT! a couple of months ago you were out of breath while talking in a vlog! (which always happens when your pregnant) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  9. Sekar Hardani says:

    I’ve been here since you were pregnant with Levi and this just — I can’t 🥺 congratulations!

  10. Loser Lilac says:

    imagine watching them when they only had levi, and then remembering them years later just to find out that they now have 4 kids

  11. Nicole Kudla says:

    When Oscar realizes Kyra is talking about being nervous about losing the baby and then his tone gets softer and says “oh, ohh….” 🥺

  12. erin smith says:

    fricking crying remember the days Kiera was packing Oscar cottage cheese for work in their little apartment

  13. DimashARMY says:

    I really hope it’s a boy to even it out with Levi lol. He needs backup with his sisters lol ❤😂

  14. reiah.plays.roblox says:

    she was about to cry in the beginning of the test 🥺🥺🥺 DO NOT CRY 😭

  15. Neuza Silva says:

    I KNEW IT! Yesterday watching Oscar’s mom’s vlog and she was having wine a Kyra wasn’t… I KNEW IT! 😍😍😍 Congrats guys!

  16. Freya Hobson says:

    OMG YES wasn’t expecting this at all

  17. Lucie Červená says:

    I’ve been here since Levi was your only child and he was sooo little! Cried so much while watching this. Huge congratulations, love you!! <3

  18. Jenna Simpson says:


  19. Gaby Thomas says:

    Who’s been here since when Oscar surprised her with sissy!!🤣 congrats guys!!! Can’t believe it’s ur last 🥳🥳💕💕💕

  20. brenda esparza says:

    I’ve literally been here since they were living at Kyra’s grandma’s when Levi was born

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