First 100 Days

First 100 Days

In his first 100 days, President Donald J. Trump has taken bold actions to restore prosperity, keep Americans safe and secure, and hold the government accountable.”

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20 Responses

  1. Stephanie Santiago says:

    Is this a parody of your presidency?

  2. Outbreak Prime says:

    lol they reposted this video for better ratings

  3. Josh Womble says:

    This reminds me of old soviet propaganda inviting people to join the workers party…also this was posted on international worker’s day

  4. h i says:

    The dislike ratio was so bad that they reuploaded the video.

  5. Raj Kapadia says:

    Why was this taken down and reuploaded? Trump probably got butthurt at all the comments exposing him.

  6. Raj Kapadia says:

    What the hell? “Rarely seen just success”. Yeah right. I bet the Republicans are proud after not letting Obama fulfill his constitutional duty so they could confirm this Trump stooge to the SC. Energy independent? WTF? Energy independent at the cost of the environment! Screw this climate change denier. There’s a reason he has the lowest approval ratings of any modern president.

  7. Nilson Sales says:

    If you guys don’t stop criticizing him, he’s going to take this video down again.

  8. Adrienne Boswell says:

    Making America energy independent. That’s what I want hear. But instead of embracing clean and safe solar energy, this administration wants to use finite fossil fuels that pollute our skies, ground and waters. Is there no one who cares about the future of our grand children, or is it make a buck now and to Hell with the future?

  9. Eric Bee says:

    100 days is a ridiculous standard, so I spent 1.5 million on a video about it.

  10. Timothy Hickey says:

    By the time I got here, this video was posted 5 hours ago. I’m here and ready to combat Trump’s souless, mindless supporters commenting from their reclusive trailers in Dixieland. You mess with Mexicans, muslims, black people, disabled people, jews, anyone part of the LGBTQ community, or any other group(s) you might despise, you mess with me. You want to deport these people, you go through me first. I am 18+ years old, straight, white, Christian and born in Tucson, Arizona and I will lay down my American life to protect those in need. #TheResistance #ImStillWithHer #Buildnowall #NotMyPresident

  11. PorchLit says:

    Nazi Style Propaganda useful only to the Aternative Fact Apologists.

  12. James Baunach says:

    waiting for yall to take down the video AGAIN and then reupload with comments disabled

  13. Papá Olvidado says:

    More like 0 DAYS without being a worldwide EMBARRASSMENT.

  14. PaperMario N64 says:

    I like how the propaganda was re-uploaded since it had like 90% dislikes.

  15. ___ says:

    BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA. Sounds like a movie promo. I heard this video was re-uploaded to fix the likes to dislikes ratio. So I came here to help fix it back how it should be. Trump is a fucking psychopath, lying piece of human garbage. When someone tells you constantly that they are the best, so great, winning, whatever… you should know they are full of fucking shit. DUUUHHHHH.

  16. I thought this was america ! says:

    hahahaha you reposted the video after getting so much dislikes ???

  17. Percius Westbrooks says:

    Lol he deleted the video and reuploded it because all the disliked

  18. Leshkaka1 says:

    Straight to the dislike.

    Fucking propaganda video.

  19. Red-Army 1945 says:

    Trump will go down as the worst president ever

  20. Ɫεαⅎıυs says:

    That moment when they had to remove the other video because of the 4/1 ratio of dislikes to likes lmao, what a failure

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