First Bilateral Hand Transplant in a Child: Zion’s Story

First Bilateral Hand Transplant in a Child: Zion’s Story

The world’s first bilateral hand transplant in a child has taken place at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For more:

The surgery took more than 12 hours. The team, led by L. Scott Levin, M.D., and Benjamin Chang, M.D., included 12 surgeons, 8 nurses, 4 anesthesiologists and others. Levin and Chang direct the Hand Transplantation Program at CHOP.

The recipient, Zion, 8, lost his hands and lower legs at the age of 2 as a result of a life-threatening infection. He also went into kidney failure as a result of the infection. He had a kidney transplant at age 4, with his mother as the donor. Zion takes immunosuppressant drugs because of the kidney transplant. This made him an ideal candidate for hand transplant. After more than 18 months of evaluation and preparation, Zion was listed for donor hands.

This field of transplant surgery is called vascularized composite allotransplantation.

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20 Responses

  1. World Peace says:

    He is so very cute and smart.:-) 

  2. Blaq Beri says:

    Awesome story. Beautiful Blessing. 

  3. Marine Williams says:

    Oh my god he’s so chill and confident about it. What teared me up was when
    he said he didn’t know what a child’s hand looks like. It’s so sad.

  4. Ari Karim says:

    These doctors and surgeons are real life superheroes!

  5. Mumbo_Jumbo says:

    Who dislikes this

  6. Wilber$ says:

    This is awsome. I want to see his hands fully working

  7. PrinceBobbyHill says:

    this little dude knows what’s important in life and understands that if it
    doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world he is smarter and more
    levelheaded than a lot of adults 

  8. Kay Dizzle says:

    Give this boy his puppy!

  9. Jacob Gardner says:

    I have been sitting here trying to figure out words that could describe how
    awesome Zion is but there just isn’t any, Zion is literally to awesome for
    words he is a true inspiration

  10. Erik Paul says:

    How could anyone down vote this? This made me cry. What a hero!

  11. Chip Jones says:


  12. scorpion1442 says:

    This video make me cry. Thank God for his new hand and last forever.

  13. Laura Neuzeth says:

    This was absolutely remarkable to see. Science and technology never ceases
    to amaze me. And what a terrific team of intelligent and skillful doctors
    and nurses! It’s great to see people like that in the medical field.
    Amazing story and I can’t wait to see more of Zion.

  14. nepherdwen says:

    Humanity at it’s finest! Amazing!

  15. Gareth Thomas says:

    Science really amazes me.

  16. Really loud girl says:

    WHat a cute kid. I think he’s going to be really smart when he grows up.

  17. Morhua1 says:

    These are the the real heroes. The best of us.

  18. Hoshie herianto says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing. :’))

  19. J0llyRog3r says:

    Thank You Zion

  20. Randomdude2000 says:

    Chills all around my body.