First Lady – SNL

First Lady – SNL

Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) is visited by former first ladies Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman), Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant) and Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones).


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64 Responses

  1. Haochen Wang says:

    Melissa Villaseñor deserves so much more than this.

    • ItzSilentStorm says:

      why do you say she is racist?

    • Woke AF says:

      She isn’t . These morons are simply parroting something they heard from a twitter mob. She’s a stand up comedian who like other stand up comedians makes jokes about race. But in today’s pathetic society everyone is racist. She really does deserve more than SNL. Show is on life support and yet still it’s the worst talents getting the biggest pushes.

    • Donovan Shaw says:

      I would love to see her used more too! Both the scenes she did with Octavia Spenser in Zoo-opolis and the scene she did with Aziz Ansari with the Bedroom scene were hillarious! The writers on SNL should definatley be utalizing her way more.

    • MsZephyra says:

      Donovan Shaw *definitely *utilizing

  2. Ben Miller says:

    Always love seeing Kate’s Hillary come back!

  3. Hippoge says:

    “That lady look how I feel!”

  4. Benny Belard says:

    “What’s shakin'”
    *a.k.a* “Whash popping?!” *Cardi B voice*

  5. Gina Cuba says:

    Leslie looked so incredibly gorgeous in this skit!!

  6. Orion Fisher says:

    “No, es juss coinquidenk”

  7. playerx2006 says:

    Cecily should get an emmy this year

  8. ****###**** says:

    Portman nailed Jackie Kennedy’s voice and accent

  9. Renato Costa says:

    If it wasn’t for Natalie and Kate’s great impressions of Jackie and Hilary who knows where this skit would’ve gone

    • TCt83067695 says:

      Renato Costa erm how about Cecily

    • SELAHPAUSE says:

      They should have used Thomas Jefferson wife but I love the lady that played Martha Washington she’s my favorite person on the show then the Hillary Clinton lady

    • Truth-Rationale Scientist says:

      James Smith I still think Aidy wasn’t all right.

    • Sarah Miller says:

      SELAHPAUSE Jefferson’s wife was deceased by the time he took office. His (favorite) daughter assisted in duties as First Lady. The current U. S. president is trying to do the same, although his wife is alive and well. Neither are really fit for the office. #Resist

    • Media On Display says:

      every week she ruins every sketch shes in, although i give her credit on this one, everybody kinda sucked so at least she wasn’t the only one. Theres this real lack of effort on her part, i dunno maybe shes trying as hard as she can and it just sucks.

  10. steven alvarez says:

    Natalie should have won the Oscar!

  11. Kalem Babar says:

    Jackie O’s.

  12. Awkwar d says:

    Cecily’s accent is the funniest thing 😂

  13. Carlo Valencia says:

    “But… But you lost”

    “I know, I was there”

    😂😂 Im dead

  14. metalhead476 says:

    “It’s like The Notebook, but black and rich.” lmao

  15. Patrick Hogan says:

    The three people who clapped when she came out were the only three who saw the movie.

    • CorbCorbin says:

      Patrick Hogan Do people really need that movie to know that outfit and hair do? It’s been used, to caricature Jackie O, since the day JFK was shot. It was an odd silence, as if the crowd didn’t know what to do.

    • 1985gvs says:

      Patrick Hogan people don’t clap on every sketch every time the guest shows up. They were more impressed by Kate because she was a surprise guest.

  16. Missy Barbour says:

    Melania: I wish I could talk to someone who’s been through this whole mess before.
    Jackie O: Hello, Melania.
    Me: :/
    Melania: No first lady had ever been more humiliated than me.
    Hillary: HA HA HA HA HAAAA
    My soul: *ascends*

  17. Schmitty No-Notes says:

    “My platform is tiny hats” LMFAO that line made me burst out into tears

  18. Rock N Roll Graveyard says:

    Jackie O’s sounds like it should be a cereal. Lol!

  19. Marie Lisa says:

    Remember when Trump said all those shitty things to Hillary about Bill cheating on her? I Bet he didn’t think the world would make a public display of him cheating on Melania. Trump is such a cheap POS!

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      Lys When you’re out there going to class or work, and you get jumped by liberal rioters/antifa because of your gender or political opinion, you get a good idea of what they are thinking.

    • carol Lund says:

      +G lucch She did not admit it. She agreed to keep silent because she was paid. That she was paid is on record. What do you think they paid her for, just because they felt like it? If you see her on Jimmy Kimmel it is very clear the story is true. She is actually pretty smart as is Jimmy and found ways to let us know the truth without coming right out and saying it. I could care less who the slimeball sleeps with..It is his hypocrisy and that of the Evangelicals that is disgusting.

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      carol Lund Crybaby Kimmy is your source? The man who wrecked his car and someone else’s because he couldn’t tell left from right? The guy who gave out so many false facts regarding the Vegas shooting, CHIP funding, Obamacare, etc? Not to mention several feminists have accused Kimmy of being sexist while questioning Daniels.
      If by smart, you mean deserves a trophy just for showing up to class, then by all means, sure. If by smart, you mean actually displays any sign of intelligence, common sense and logic, sorry, you’re on the wrong path. Just like Kimmy in that car wreck.

    • carol Lund says:

      +Patriot of Justice I wonder if you believe the women who accused (and then admitted to lying) Clinton of rape? I bet you do. But I betcha you don’t believe the large group of women who accuse Trump of assault. Double standard anybody?

    • Patriot of Justice says:

      carol Lund Care to name them? Your source for where they said they lied? You yourself are committing a double standard because you refuse to believe Clinton did rape them, but you believe women who admitted to lying about Trump.

  20. So Ni says:

    This was heart warming and supportive. I hope Melania feels that.

    • SuperFly25 says:

      Yeah I feel pretty bad for her and don’t want her to suffer for all of her husband’s faults, although she didn’t have to marry him or stay married to him…

    • Sarah Miller says:

      SuperFly25 don’t feel sorry for her, we all make choices. She should do more with her platform, that would be something!

    • Zorn Casteel says:

      Her husband is an awesome President … Economy coming back huge. – No reason for anyone to feel bad for her; I’m sure she is happy.

    • SuperFly25 says:

      Zorn Kastell Let me guess, the economy under Obama was an utter disaster, right? The stock market has been trending upward consistently since the recession ended (in part du to Obama’s bailout policies) and it has continued as expected irregardless of Trump, not because of him. Don’t forget that 80% of stock is owned by the wealthiest 10% of Americans so the stock market doesn’t really reflect how the Average American is doing. Wages have still stagnated and not gone up with inflation or productivity and income inequality is as high as ever. Don’t believe everything Fox News tells you. Also, Trump is an ignorant old man who doesn’t read any of the bills he signs, he’s just a corporate puppet disguised in populist clothes, not a President one should be proud of.

    • Zorn Casteel says:

      See, your problem is that’s your opinion that “he’s ignorant”. … Other people think he isn’t. .. The tax cuts are HELPING THE COUNTRY. People like (L I K E) having more money in their pockets .. it’s good to get a huge bonus, from Apple, if you work there … And for people to have more freedom to plan their lives – Which this President is providing. -> All of these things are good (G O O D), for the country – Whether or not you like the man, personally.

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