First Look – Test Flight of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Discovery

First Look – Test Flight of Star Trek’s U.S.S. Discovery

Revealed at Comic-Con 2016 by Executive Producer Bryan Fuller. Get a sneak peek of the newest ship in the “Star Trek” universe. Star Trek: Discovery premieres January 2017 on the CBS Television Network with the premiere and all subsequent episodes available exclusively on CBS All Access.

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20 Responses

  1. mythdusterds says:

    This ship does not look slick or cool. It looks boring and flat. This is
    such a major disappointment. 

  2. Tommy Montgomery says:

    Now we know why they are suing Axanar, look at this.

  3. Dainger85 says:

    First impression of the design of the new ship: Disappointed.

  4. gabe rohall says:

    looks like a variation of the galaxy class and the akira with a little bit
    of klingon design in there too.

  5. kingphillipsarmy says:


  6. Ashley Darkstone says:

    I really hope they don’t go with this design. I don’t know when this is
    set, but if it’s pre-TOS it definitely breaks continuity, and even if it
    isn’t it defies design rules and continuity for not just Starfleet
    aesthetics but functionality as well. And if they argue they want to ‘think
    outside the box’ or something, well.. A) This design is borrowed anyway.
    and B) You can’t just cobble something together and expect it to work when
    there’s so much already established to tell you point by point why it’s
    wrong. It shows that they don’t take this seriously and simply don’t care
    enough about it, which is sad. I’m a Trek fan, a graphic artist, and an
    engineer and I swear I’d design a better looking ship that makes more sense
    FOR FREE. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  7. J Spiel says:

    That ship looks like shit

  8. PlagueOfGripes says:

    I really wanted it to be an Excelsior variant…

  9. Brian B says:

    Someone get Q on the horn and see if he’ll unfauq the timeline with a
    finger snap and a white flash.

  10. Arthezius says:

    Test footage. You get the idea of what it looks like. Calm your phasers set
    to kill titties folks. Think it looks awesome!

  11. ViceMinerAlex8 says:

    I WAS super hyped but that ship….. the aft section looks disgusting!

  12. Skulb1984 says:

    Everybody else: Ew, gross ship. Me: Ooh, new toys.

  13. Robert P says:

    so ugly. show will fail with ugly starship

  14. Brandon Pack says:

    I feel like the lack of good overhead view is the primary reason for it
    looking “bad.”

  15. Blake Young says:

    bound to be just CGI test this can’t be the final ship design. old Phase II
    designed was rejected long ago and for good reason. She is hideous. I’ll
    still watch and enjoy though !

  16. John Cabage says:

    So they shoved a Federation saucer on a Klingon Vor’cha class body and
    called it a day? I think they need to make a “discovery” of the drawing
    board again…

  17. Tom K says:

    So a Federation ship and a Klingon ship had a baby?

  18. Riven Phalanx says:

    This looks like a cutscene from a video game. . .from 15 years ago. Also,
    will the shorthand for this show will be STD?

  19. Sean Selznick says:

    i don’t know. looks like a War Bird combo. yes, it’s just like the concept
    ship for the original Phase II but, it’s too weird.

  20. rainkloud says:

    Oh wow I thought people we’re being overly picky about the cg but no they
    were spot on. This looks mid 90’s quality. Maybe they just had the team
    from Two Broke Girls throw something together?