First Take makes predictions for Warriors vs. Rockets Game 5 | First Take | ESPN

First Take makes predictions for Warriors vs. Rockets Game 5 | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman make their predictions for Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets Game 5 of the Western Conference finals.

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110 Responses

  1. God Of destruction Giannis says:

    But your always wrong Stephen a lmao

  2. jan rodriguez says:

    If the warriors have iggy i got them winning… but if iggy is still not playing the rockets might win

    • riqo steel says:

      jan rodriguez if u need a 34 yr old iggy when u got 4 Hofs on your team that’s just sad😂😂😂

    • Isaac M says:

      Da_Host L3GT Rockets blew out GS with iggy playing in game 2.

    • C N says:

      Yea… if Klay and Iggy are both in the game, the Warriors will win this one and close it in game 6.

    • Aboood165 says:

      Poor Warriors they only have 4 All Stars/Hall of Famers in their prime but can’t win without a 34 year old Iggy, these excuses are fuckin pathetic lmao Houston please destroy these bandwagon fans and kill the snake

    • Bob Charlie says:

      Vinyl Tap You’re dumb. Iguodala won finals MVP for stopping LeBron in 2015. He has the size, athleticism and basketball IQ to be considered a huge factor on the team. The thing about GS is that they work as one unit and need all players. Without one player, they can easily fall because that player can contribute huge on the offensive or defensive side. Iggy provides not only defense but spacing that can keep the Rockets guessing. Who did Warriors play in the final minute in the 4th? Shaun Livingston..the guy that never shoots 3’s. Iguodala would have been in Shaun’s position and the Houston defense would have been more spread out instead of on one side of the court trapping Klay. Learn basic basketball.

  3. LAKER NATION says:

    Max never makes sense 😂

    • J P says:

      #RocketsNation max makes sense only 20% of the time

    • LAKER NATION says:

      #RocketsNation I was actually alluding to the fact that he always uses dumb examples, and also uses dumb stats based off small sample sizes. He said it’ll take them 70 games to beat them 4 times If they doubled the big 3s record.. like what? Stupidest shit I’ve ever heard 😂 Idk bro that’s just my opinion

    • Emad Talukdar says:

      #RocketsNation Dude you’re a Rockets dick rider. You probably thought the Rockets would sweep the Warriors. You have no credibility at all. Max is talking nonsense. As the guy above me said, what’s with that “they are 66-4” like wtf? The Raptors won 59 games and beat the rockets, see what happened to them. Using the regular season as your main point as to why a team is going to win is so nonsensical. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those hypemen that will say rockets stand no chance. I think the Warriors will win in 7, but I sure as hell won’t be surprised if the Rockets won. But it is retarded to say stuff like “oh the rockets were 33-2 meaning they 66-4 that’s why they will win”.

    • Jerome Simpson says:

      Emad Talukdar so ur against analytics lol cool lol
      Numbers don’t lie, people do.
      33-2 when pj hits 2 threes lol

    • Loveya Sia says:

      Jerome Simpson BAHAHAHAHA U R IDIOT

  4. Ceaze Bred says:

    🗣🌉 > 🚀

  5. Kim Jong un says:

    My team will win !

  6. GaMe Clipz Tv says:

    Rockets in 7

  7. Family Feud says:

    Bruh imagine if the Rockets had Lebron…their only weakness is Ariza at Forward

    • David Canada says:

      Amagine if AD come over to GSW if Queen James come to the Rockettes

    • Church Service says:

      YoBryce Kim

      You’re not making any sense… just following narratives… are you telling me that CP3 is playing better than Harden this series?

    • Jolahnoel Adnoy says:

      Ariza had a ring with kobe though

    • Aldrin Christian Peji says:

      Family Feud I really hope that Lebron will go to the Rockets and still lose to GSW… I’m tired of this “no help” narrative!!! Collecting all-star and solid bench players since ’10 and his team have traded countless times to build a perfect team around him and still says “no help”… the f*ck?! Lebron had the help that he need… he just makes his teammates worst… just think about why Kyrie left Cleveland…

    • Klamp iOS says:

      Family Feud imagine if the warriors had a good paint protector

  8. Htown Rockets says:

    People always hate on Houston teams. Everyone doubted the Astros against the dodgers and look what happened… Most people said Warriors would beat us in 5 and we couldn’t win at Oracle and look what happened again. Everyone keep doubting us but we keep proving people wrong

    • OG77013 says:

      Trevor Gamble they would’ve been knocked out playing in the west with the big kids js

    • OfficialBornProdigy says:

      Htown Rockets facts tell em . Htown shit 🚀🚀💪

    • Byus says:

      Htown Rockets rocket fans make me laugh. I get it 😂 y’all excited. There’s a reason you get doubted. Sit your ass down and wait and see what happens. Gotta tell my boy from Houston all the time. YoUR TEAM is UNPROVEN. You lost to a spurs team with no Leonard and no Parker. What makes your arrogant ass think anyone should be worried about you?

    • Eddy Fuentes says:

      ThePlyrMava excuses

    • Chris Youhanna says:

      houston literally threw that game in the ocean

  9. ThatNewPimpTrickGangstaClickAlbum GonnaBeThatFire says:

    Honestly whoever wins this game will probably win the series.

  10. infinitiBARS says:

    0:59 that travel by Harden was nuts 😂💀

  11. Real Live3 says:

    Game 5 3-2 Rockets… I’ve been telling yall HOU does not fear Warriors at all GSW will lose Game 5 & 6

    • OG77013 says:

      PureNathan96 and the rockets had them by 28 game 2 when the starters came out… your point???

    • PureNathan96 says:

      OG77013 never said the rockets didnt play bad. All I’m saying it’s a 7 game series for a reason. No excuses just cause dubs have twolosses in one series while they went 16 and 1 last year doesn’t mean much. There wasnt a competitor like Houston last year. Even in 2015 we were down 3 to 1 to a okc team with Durant I think the warriors will be just fine in 7 games

    • The One says:

      Bro the thing you need to look up is run on sentence.

    • The One says:

      No you are definitely not smart enough to be a GSW fan.

    • PureNathan96 says:

      The One Its YouTube comments you dipshit idc who is using a run on sentence or not lol. You’re obviously a dumbass telling kinds to kill themselves online. Btw I am a gs fan. You should probably lose your virginity before coming at people for not using periods.

  12. Kanye Pest says:


  13. AbnerTheOne23 says:

    If klay not playin warriors are gonna lose

  14. Jason Neuman says:

    The rockets r the only hope for the warriors to lose… GO ROCKETS!!

  15. Luke Koebele says:

    “If I’m wrong, there’s a reason.” – Stephen A

  16. C a M o Ent says:

    I got Kobe in 3

  17. exillens says:

    If KD joins a loaded, already championship forged team like GS to chase cheap rings and still lose to the Rockets, he’ll be an even bigger disgrace

  18. Maurice Johnson says:

    Tied 0-0 (warriors in 3)
    Warriors 1-0 ( warriors in 4)
    Tied 1-1 ( warriors in 5)
    2-1( warriors in 5)
    2-2 ( warriors in 6)
    Rockets 3-2 ( warriors in 7)
    Rockets 4-2 (cavs in 3) ……
    😈 let’s keep it going rockets prove everybody wrong

    • Bomac94 says:

      Maurice Johnson they got to win 4 games to win the series bro not 3 lol

    • TheAnonymous916 says:

      Sure…stop making stuff up. No one ever said GSW will sweep. All I heard before the series from Rockets fans was they gonna sweep GSW, because they’ve beat them 2 times in the regular season (like it matters).

      You Rocket fans are funny and will be brought back to reality really quick. Guarantee GSW takes it tonight and back home. As I’ve predicted in the beginning of the series….GSW in 6.

      I’ll be back here later tonight whether I’m wrong or right. If I am, I’ll admit. Will you? But I know I’ll be right…

    • Randeep Banwait says:

      Nobody thinks the East is winning anything. Whoever’s wins the western conference wins the Finals

    • Klamp iOS says:

      Maurice Johnson a

    • mel low says:

      I cringe when I see that emoji. I feel like a 13 year old girl should only use that

  19. Freddusya says:

    “I’m gonna be right until i”m wrong”

    Best statement ever.

  20. slamandjam2 says:

    Max’s first comment about Rockets 33-2 record meaning that it would take 66 games to beat them 4 times might just be the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. By that logic it would take 33 games to win 2 and the Warriors did it in 3. Just… wow

    • Romeo W says:

      You have to account also that the Rockets beat GSW 2 in 3 games prior to the Conference finals. The Rockets only lost 17 games of 82 this season while GSW 24 loses in 82 game. GSW also lost to lesser team. Teams will always have an off day. Either the Rockets and GSW will go for the kill if any of the team they are playing with is having an off day. So statistically, Max has a point and I tend to agree,

    • Kunal Duggal says:

      LOL that’s stupid. As if they faced the Warriors those 35 times.

    • ShaWordPlay Jennings says:

      It’s not that Dumb.
      He’s speaking in terms of them losing 4 Games at home. Not 2.

    • Romeo W says:

      Ok Einstein. So here are real hard facts. Rockets vs GSW have met a total of 7 times this season. Out of those 7 games including the Western Conference finals, Rockets win a combined 4 times to GSWs 3. Now get it?

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