First Take reacts to Donovan Mitchell testing positive for coronavirus

First Take reacts to Donovan Mitchell testing positive for coronavirus

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell has tested positive for the coronavirus, league sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.
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79 Responses

  1. G says:

    Crazy how fast this is spreading in the last couple of days

  2. David Stenta says:

    Rudy Gobert: “next time I’ll do justice myself”
    Coronavirus: “no you won’t, we’ll do it for you😈”

  3. Sully Wolfgang says:

    Stephen A “I just got a text 40 minutes ago” Smith

  4. Liam Jay says:

    We can’t blame anyone who has this virus… we don’t know until we have it and that’s the bottom line…

  5. Legend__ 21 says:

    Gobert shouldn’t have played around like that if he knows his teammates were serious about it smh…now my boy Mitchell has it

    • Legend__ 21 says:

      @Josh O yeah it needs to be some type of punishment for his actions…what he did could now cause multiple deaths, God forbid.

    • liukangstoupee says:

      @Josh O he needs to be blacklisted in the league.

    • Dreadhead Mir says:

      Bro Mitchell is one of my favorite players hope he’s going to be okay

    • REGREG says:

      @Legend__ 21 he should be put in jail. thats the most reasonable act for something like this. same with how its a felony to purposely infect someone with HIV/AIDS, its should be illegal to purposely do something like this which could possibly do more harm than he expected.

    • Brotato Chip says:

      Hes as much of your boy as gobert

  6. Justin Sullivan says:

    Guarantee nobody on that team used the word “careless”

  7. Brandon 10394 says:

    Kd look like the smartest man in sports now for sitting out the whole year

  8. jdkenada says:

    “Rudy is a good guy.”

    Ok, so he’s just stupid then?

  9. TheReal Snoopy says:

    Rudy Gobert gonna be on Shaqtin a Fool when all of this is over

  10. Mickey Salazar says:

    SAS: “my sources around the league, and I’m not going to say any names but they told me yesterday Donovan Mitchell will catch the coronavirus tomorrow”

  11. PTX - Functional Training says:

    Nobody takes it serious? Most do, a lot more serious is when the whole world is in quarantine and all the Gouvernements and curupt politicians can do whatever they want, that’s more frightening! Giving someone so much power, plus the politicians just like with the swine flu in germany they received a high grade big quality badge of vaccines without any additives while the rest of folk received badges with 49% mercury content! Who can we trust……

    Edit: ?

    • Michael McKinnie says:

      PTX – Functional Training ppl are overreacting more ppl have recovered from it than ppl dying from its worst in other countries cuz its crowded at alot of places

  12. Justin JP says:

    So when showing the Gobert highlights y’all gonna play that up tempo ominous music while talking about a global pandemic?

    ESPN foul😂😂😂

  13. yayah22 says:

    Stephen A: “I got a text 10 years ago that Rudy Gobert had indeed contracted the Coronavirus….but props to WOJ being WOJ for reporting on it first.”

  14. Arnold K says:

    THAT PART! Thank you very much for saying it Max: “They have access to tests” where as a lot of people don’t. This is a big problem

  15. Cole Taylor says:

    I think Rudy Gobert was bein a little sus since he was “touching players”

  16. Gary Nicks says:

    The Corona virus is the REAL MVP. most VIRAL presence “”

  17. Eric Sandoval says:

    “Rudy Gobert is not a bad guy.”
    Yeah sure. He’s just a gigantic IDIOT.


    Stephen A: “i’ve known Adam and Eve since since the Garden of Eden, we go way back!”

  19. Dapper Danny says:

    Stephen A. … “That’s why K.D sat out the season. I knew this last year, but I was told to stay quiet about it until now”.

  20. King Akpabio says:

    Imagine breaking news Stephen A has corona virus 😂😂😂😂😂

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