first time DRAG MAKEUP transformation

first time DRAG MAKEUP transformation

For as long as I’ve been doing makeup, both as a hobby and professionally, I’ve never once attempted the art of drag makeup. In this video, I finally try it for the first time. And somehow forget to use highlighter which means I give myself an overall grade of F. Drag makeup is really freakin difficult & I’ll be leaving it to the pros from here.

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54 Responses

  1. Mariah Janelle says:

    Anthony saying he dissociated at drag race made me so sympathetic. It sucks being so anxious that you feel out of reality.

  2. Faye_Casual says:

    *watching video, niece leans on*
    “That girl is so cute. That girl is so cute. That girl is so pretty.”
    All this being said in a 3 year old’s voice

  3. Kaitlyn Burton says:

    Mykie should transform herself into a DragKing and her boyfriend into a DragQueen. That would be so wierd.

  4. Trash Queen says:

    I really thought she was gonna say “ya like jazz” instead of “ya like that?” While she was blending 😂

  5. - Stephanie - says:

    “The baking is just soaking up my tears” – me because pride got cancelled

  6. Jetaime Kaira says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Mikey: *says a very innocent statement*

    Also mikey: That’s what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. non- binosaur says:

    I felt off of 18 minutes just cause you didn’t say “Hello ZomBaes” but at 18:35 I’m whole once more. Thanks Mykie!!🥰

  8. max says:

    Ripley: *growels sound like race car starting*
    Creature: *deja vu plays as he spins uncontrollably*

  9. Catherine McCulloch says:

    Mykie: leave a time when you weren’t very confs.
    Me: Every day

  10. Emma Campos says:

    Mykie spelled funny: buenos días.
    Me, Spanish: it’s three am, but I’ll take it

  11. mikki says:

    all the “that’s what she said” jokes are giving me like.

  12. Faith Mouse says:

    Anthony: “I almost got turned into stone”

    Me: that’s what *he* said

  13. Katy Smitty says:

    Mykie: drag make up takes a long time, it’s been 3 hours
    Katy: bet

  14. ChasingDeathbeds says:

    Mykie looks like Marilyn Monroe & Cruella Deville’s lovechild in drag

  15. willam belli says:

    “it’s symmetrical, but that doesn’t make it good.” STEALING THAT.

  16. Gabriella Fried says:

    This is how many people want Anthony to do mykie’s makeup


  17. Cada Schmidt says:

    Mykie: “can you get me the razor”

  18. Doggo With Anxiety says:

    Mykie’s quieter talking and laid back attitude and blank stares are a *mood*

  19. Mendes Army says:

    Anthony makes her giggle in the most cute way ever.Relationship goals

  20. Milk says:

    No one:
    Me: snorting at every “that’s what she said” joke because I have the humor of a 5 year old despite being 19

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