First time walking for 11 years in EKSO suit

First time walking for 11 years in EKSO suit

Me walking in an ‘EKSO’ exoskeleton with 2 physios from More Rehab in Sheffield, UK. I am tetraplegic and haven’t walked for 11 years after a spinal cord injury.
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20 Responses

  1. I AM PETER says:

    What a loser! Crippled people are lame.

  2. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    These Legs were made for Walkin’,
    And that’s just what They’ll do,
    One of these days these Legs are Gonna,
    Walk, Its OVERDUE. best wishes

  3. Axgoodofdunemaul says:

    Good for you brother. I got my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Tanner Nguyen says:

    reminds me of call of duty exo suits

  5. Kyle Palafox says:

    Goddammit advance warfare you have screwed us!!

  6. Justin Sung says:

    Humanity is now a step closer to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

  7. Green Bazinga says:

    Man he skipped leg day a lot :D

  8. LordBird74 says:

    Jesus H. Christ, hold your phone the right way moron.


    edge of tomorrow !!!!!!! WHERE CAN I BUY ONE OF THOSE EXOSKELETONS ??? I
    have a lot of money !!!!!

    • kbg12ila says:

      I’ll sell you one for $500,000.

      Mind you… it’s not real… but since you have a lot of money… I’ll give
      it to you!

  10. VickytheCultLeader says:

    I never want my faith restored.
    This however is a great video.

  11. Yennifer Telles says:

    Aprendiendo a caminar con piernas sintéticas.

  12. yojimboe says:

    If you’ve watched Forest Gump then you know if they take all that stuff off
    him, he’ll be able to run really fast.

  13. meh2999 says:

    why cant walk without gay robit suite

  14. Libyan S says:

    fav for no exos