Fixed Points

Fixed Points

My video on Sesame Studios:
The Curiosity Box by Vsauce:

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Moon Museum:


Brouwer’s fixed point theorem:

Excellent interactive wolfram demo of Brouwer:

fixed points more generally:



Babylonian method:

Iterated equation solver you can use to run the Babylonian method:

aleph fixed point:

My video on counting past infinity:

map projections:



Pacific antipode image:


“four” is the cosmic number:
Standupmaths video about how four has four letters. So bummed I only found this AFTER I made this vid, check it out!!


protocol_7’s comment:

Other topology pages:

wiki images:

music from

Any VFX that actually look cool are by — I did the rest the best I could 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. Mownage Vol Fulken says:

    “That’s on the Moon right now…”

    …help…can’t breath….

  2. Thomas Fitzgerald says:

    12:15 I think he skipped in a idubbbz quote

  3. Logan Schmidt says:

    But what if the child consents?

  4. Jorge Abrante says:

    I licked the video was amazin (sorry for words im spanish)

  5. chunky8bit says:

    4:54 S U C C

  6. NJA2k8 says:

    When I see that a video from this channel is over 10 minutes long, I’m

  7. Mauricio Solis says:

    We never went to the moon, the earth is flat…

  8. TheProjectBrothers says:

    12:15 did you seriously just use idubbbz meme with science haha ?

  9. Adam Man says:

    so we just gonna act like he hasnt uploaded in 2 months?

  10. LefyIsHere No says:

    I don’t get it

  11. Shelby Tull says:

    The globe thing – since there are an infinite number of points on a globe,
    there are an infinite number of pairs opposite each other and an infinite
    number of ways to switch the ‘thermometers’ (as long as they remain
    opposite to each other throughout the process). So, aren’t there an
    INFINITE number of pairs on earth opposite each other that have the same

  12. Andrew Boot says:

    Good video. Can’t wait for your next one in 2017!

  13. Bin Ghannam says:

    sorry Vsauce but not everybody believe the lunar landing

  14. Nathaniel Valbuena says:

    At 1:56 , I’m pretty sure that looks like something else (the w&a)

  15. Jonathan says:

    Is there really coffee in that cup?

  16. Chipwhitley274 says:

    Just his initials? Then what is that line at the tip doing there?

  17. Raziaar says:

    Really? More infinity concepts? We get it.

  18. PowderBoy says:

    Im still waiting for a video on spit facts

  19. John Chessant says:

    Oh, that last part was basically lifted directly from Matt Parker’s
    (standupmaths) second-most recent video… but great video otherwise!

  20. NEMusic says:

    So what happens if a language spells four with more or less letters?