FLAWLESS ‘INSTAGRAM’ SKIN / Simple Makeup Tutorial! by ChloeMorello

FLAWLESS ‘INSTAGRAM’ SKIN / Simple Makeup Tutorial! by ChloeMorello

The glow of my skin in this makeup has me SO EXCITED! I’ve been doing this base consistently for 2 weeks now and its definitely my new ‘go-to’, even for natural days!

I tried out my new Artis Digit Brush Set, SOME of the brushes are really useful like the Digit Circle ones (I use for detail contouring on nose etc), the Digit Oval Brushes (for cream/liquid blending of foundation and contouring) because I only like them for certain things I don’t think the set of 10 is good value. Try this smaller set if you want to get these brushes:

Artis Brush Digit Set of 10: http://bit.ly/2pRnTyq
Benefit Porefessional Primer http://bit.ly/2pl3tuz
Urban Decay De Slick Primer http://bit.ly/2pRvpZZ
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in ‘Warm Beige’ http://bit.ly/2pSofms
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel in ‘Saddle’ http://bit.ly/2pS74RY
Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in ‘4’ http://bit.ly/2pRe8Aa
Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in ‘Medium’ http://bit.ly/2pRg0cb
Revlon Sculpt + Highlight Contour Kit in ‘Med – Tan’ http://bit.ly/2qO6Fz1
Elizabeth Arden Bronze Lustre Eyeshadow
Eye Accent Kit (Lower Lash Mascara) by Pixi by Petra X Aspyn Ovard http://bit.ly/2p7xguG
Smash box Step by Step Contouring Crayons http://bit.ly/2pRpEeQ
ColourPop Supershock Cheek in ‘Butterfly Beach’ http://bit.ly/2p7xqCi
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Glisten’ http://bit.ly/2plnCjY
Ciate Lip Velvet in ‘Bitter Sweet’ http://bit.ly/2pS6Rhs
Revlon Cream Lipgloss in ‘Protest Queen’ http://bit.ly/2pShQYx
Lancome Brow Gel ‘Taupe 03′
Colour Pop Brow Colour in’ Black & Brown’ & ‘Arched Auburn’
Makeup Store Brow Pomade ‘Dark Brown’ http://bit.ly/2p7wgXq (use code ‘chloe40’ for 40% off!)

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20 Responses

  1. Talia Yacoub says:

    Hi!! I am a singer & songwriter, & I just posted an original called “Do Angels Cry?” It would mean a lot if you listened!❤️

  2. Shontai Amarni says:

    ✨ you never disappoint, this is the first time I’m glad to be awake at nearly 3 am lol

  3. val x says:

    600$? nah imma skip these?

  4. A • says:

    My god $600 !? Makeup companies really know how to scam!

  5. Ankita V says:

    For 600$ it better be the only brush set I’ll ever need and it better clean itself.

  6. Raluca Stefania says:

    Those brushes better be made from Aphrodite’s hair and make me a walking goddess because otherwise bye

  7. Snow says:

    any small youtubers here who wants to be youtube friends and support each other?

  8. rena maltby says:

    Who else thinks she should do a collab w Bella Fiori?

  9. Mee Bee !! says:

    Oml her skin is already flawless wish mine was like that ?

  10. Negin Beauty says:

    Why would u put fake freckles on ur face?

  11. Ana Blue says:

    GIRL i am desperate for those glasses, but i can’t find them anywhere!! pretty please tell me where you got them

  12. Noa Zakai says:

    helping you with the algorithm 🙂 love u!

  13. Karren Mitzelle says:

    $600! wow that’s more than a weeks salary!

  14. Penguin says:


  15. 1sr0 says:

    I spent enough on artis brushes. Never ever will I buy them again.

  16. Namah Vyakarnam says:

    you look like a fabulous gypsy <3

  17. Bethy Thunder says:

    Gorgeous! ?

  18. Sheila Setayesh says:

    I love it when she says “You know what I mean? Jelly bean.” I love you Chloe!❤

  19. Hellixz says:

    I’m getting serious Megan Fox vibes from this look! But you look gorgeous as always ❤️

  20. Mrs Parrott says:

    Love love LOVE your lashes! I need to get me some lash extensions, never tried them! ?

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