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70 Responses

  1. RYANATOR2736 says:

    “Your mind doesn’t have enough air to say foul”

  2. Marcus2fire __ says:

    This dude flight calling fouls then after he looses start saying it to windy

  3. Trace Gage says:

    10:51 mans said ur mind doesn’t have enough air to say foul…..flight

  4. Abimelec Luciano says:

    It’s funny how flight always goes for the rebound after he shoots it cuz he know he missed

    • YaBoyB says:

      Abimelec Luciano ur supposed to go after the ball it’s called following your shot dumbass, not defending flight btw

    • thepopsicleperson Robloxian says:

      I’m not defending him either, but I hope you go for rebound and not the hold and in air type stuff.

    • BN Trap says:

      YaBoyB not like flight does, flight always wonder why he can’t last after three points, after every time he shoots the ball he takes off after it. I swear I know nobody else who does that dumb shit. Stfu

    • Kylin Mooney says:

      YaBoyB why u call him dumbass??

  5. Jay Money says:

    Iont think flight really kno wat “and 1” means ??he juss assumed it meant any foul ?????

    • Danelvin Jimenez says:

      Jay Money Bro and 1 does mean foul. When someone calls and 1 in NY it’s cause I’m assuming I made it but I know you fouled me. Plus even though flight said some dumb shit. Niggas are more likely to say and 1 then say foul. At least in NY. You can’t cap though cash had a game plan from the jump. If it was 1s and 2s flight would’ve won but cash no he can’t make no threes.

    • The demigoat says:

      Danelvin Jimenez ask anyone and 1 isn’t a foul call

    • Dre Howard says:

      The demigoat And -1 is a foul call but most of the time it isn’t always counted as one because a lot of people jus says it when either they get contested or w.e but yea if you get fouled and make the shot its and 1 or if you get fouled and shoot and call and 1 your basically saying foul swing the ball back ?

    • Smoovii says:

      Some people say it’s a foul call some and some don’t. But when I go in I then paint I don’t really call shit because the contact don’t phase me most of the time tbh

    • Jahrell Gardner says:

      And 1 isn’t a foul call

  6. Javian Johnson says:

    Whew! I almost thought Cash got dropped off by fLight

  7. Chance Nichols-McCray says:

    i would never watch u again if u lost to flight?

  8. Sean Costello says:

    Flight: “If we played inside it would of been history”

    Man stop making excuses

  9. Landon Dahmen says:

    You have flights basketball knowledge like to undo

  10. Davis Henderson says:

    I swear flights pulling up stupid shots and somehow making them

  11. Ousmane Bah says:

    All you have to do vs flight is force him left and you won??

  12. Damien Riley Real says:

    Flight lookin like a frog everytime he dribbles

  13. The Brodie says:

    If u can beat flight 1 on 1 then like this

  14. Rdc the best says:

    Bro it’s like flight get worse every time he play basketball

  15. Ttv Quacky says:

    Flight calls fouls on you when you is playing defense but when he fouls you “ThAtS nOt A fOuL”

  16. TheMemeGod says:

    The fact that if they didn’t play all ones, cash would’ve lost ??‍♂️

  17. Snoop says:

    “Ima go left and drive on you”
    “You not even left handed”

  18. Batman G_A_M_E_S says:

    Bro this dude really throwing up shots. U would think hes just following up his shots when really he dont even know he gonna make hit he throw it up then runs for it.???

  19. Shayne Wilson says:

    This is how many times flight airballed

  20. Albert Benito says:

    This how many excuses flight makes up

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