Soooo that happened…

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If you’ve read all of this I love you


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59 Responses

  1. Nick Brezux says:

    Who saw this on world star😂

  2. Okumanninen says:

    Is that the first backside flip over a car?

  3. Christian B - says:

    i thought this was clickbait

  4. potato squad says:

    that was fucking amazing

  5. Daniel Carrillo says:

    “That was awesome” ?? He literally almost died. If he landed on his neck he woulda been done 😭😭😭😧😧

  6. Mecy Growtopia says:

    When you think its clickbait, And ita actully real

  7. Sash Vlogs says:

    6:40 it starts

  8. Bryan Arnett says:

    Tanner you’re so wrong for that outro 😭😭😭😭😂😂 holy shit

  9. ImForSale says:

    Those guys need to make a YouTube channel

    If they have one please tell me

  10. Tevin Sutcliffe says:

    Let’s be honest he’s done this before. This time it was Tanner’s fault for actually turning away. If he didn’t turn away he would’ve had more time and would’ve gone clean over. I understand tanner was scared. He should’ve opted out not to drive if he didn’t want the responsibility. But he could’ve have killed him for not wanting to kill him

  11. A Pets Life says:

    I’m not allowed to watch your vlogs anymore and have to unsub because of this

  12. sebalishious says:

    Im only here bcuz im tired to do homework.. Thats why im here everyday

  13. Jordan Seale says:

    It’s not even clickbait

  14. Tristyne Daize says:

    The fact that he put the replay of him hitting the car at the end with the it aint my fault outro song has me rolling😂😂😂

  15. White Shadow says:

    Yea he’s good but i hit my toe in the wall and i cry 😑

  16. Tech James says:

    Haha, that was so stupid! Next time try it on a train.

  17. Gavin Knapp says:

    Hes really lucky he didn’t hit his head. STAY SAFE #TANNCLAN

  18. Michalina Smydra says:

    “im already 5’8” and scared to look at the ground”😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. jonhard nicolajsen says:

    Hhahahahahah I have never laugh that hard its soo fucking fake hahhaha just look he spinned 4 time in the air hahahahha 😂😂

  20. Gabriel Napoleao says:

    8:25 is the flip

    The rest of the video is just typical gay vlog shit

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