Florence + The Machine – Big God

Florence + The Machine – Big God

Big God
Directed by Autumn de Wilde. Choreographed by Akram Khan and Florence Welch.

Produced by Somesuch


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53 Responses

  1. Paul Grant says:

    she did:

  2. Gregory Peck says:

    Every screenshot of this video is a wallpaper

  3. Fabiana Paolillo says:

    You make me remember of Eva Green in Penny Dreadful

  4. B_D_W_S'_Animation_ says:

    One of the most enjoyable music videos I’ve seen in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dark Sister says:

    Yesss and I’m here before millions of views! First day of summer here as well. WINNING!! LOVE THIS SONG 2018
    All summer

  6. Dark Sister says:

    The most beautiful VOICE!!!! Yet and still

  7. Mona Lisa says:


  8. Matt Masters says:

    Okay this might be my new favourite Florence music video

  9. Lucy Jayne says:

    How many witches we got in attendance? ๐ŸŒ’๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ˜

    • Dark Sister says:

      Lucy Jayne Exact Thoughts. Summer solstice babies!!!! Js

    • Joel P says:

      I’m the strongest Catholic “witch” if that means I have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, objectively conferred upon me during Confirmation, to bind all you witches and pray to Our Lady, the Ever Virgin Mary, that she conquers all evil and reigns as queen over every man and woman’s heart – no spell or potion can stop the Mother of God, because her Immaculate Heart has Triumphed already and the serpent’s head has already been crushed by her holy heel – thus she is crowned with twelve stars and yet you who call yourselves witches can only look upon the stars in awe, for they are only the celestial bodies properly belonging to the crown of the Queen of Heaven and of all Angels and Saints. No witch, which witch it matters not, is no match for the only woman without the blemish of Sin who birthed Jesus Christ and thus by saying “yes” to God’s will, she has killed the dragon. The Dragon was cast to earth, Lucifer who was so beautiful has been transmogrified into an ontological anti-aesthetic or “dragon,” and Jesus saw him fall like lightning to Earth. We are indeed in the vale of tears as we sojourn towards the New Jerusalem, because Satan has been allowed by God to reign for a period of time on Earth since God does not destroy what he creates. But the pride of one who assumes they are able to cast a spell – and thus call upon demonic spirits – to harm another person (there is no white witchcraft since all witchcraft calls on demons to make a spell efficacious if God permits that the subject of a spell endures a trial, knowing that His grace is sufficient for them to fight the evil or they must call upon the ministers of the Church (ordained holy priests, usually exorcists with explicit jurisdiction given by the bishop of the diocese) to heal the one who suffers from a spell or curse and remove, by the Absolute authority of Jesus Christ who has given His Catholic Church the keys to the Kingdom and the power to his Apostles (all bishops trace their lineage to the Apostles, because their authority derives from Apostolic succession) to cast out demons in His name. I don’t have time to quote every Bible passage I’m calling upon from the Canonical Bible – please don’t bother people with long debunked gnostic texts and nonsense “gospels” that the Early Church clearly saw did not fit with the teachings many had heard firsthand – John the Apostle, the Beloved Apostle, lived until 99 AD and cared for the Virgin Mary at Ephesus where she was Assumed into Heaven by her Son during her dormition. John thus was likely to have knowledge of the Canonical writings and able to verify the truth of the accounts since he also knew Jesus and was the only Apostle to weep next to the Virgin Mother at the foot of the Cross while the other Apostles were too scared. The Church has many sinners, Peter was chosen to be the first Pontiff, the Rock upon which Jesus would build His Church even though Peter denied Jesus three times – but take note – immediately upon realizing that he had denied Jesus Peter fell to his knees and wept in an act of True Contrition. Judas committed the Sin against the Holy Spirit by denying God’s mercy and hanging himself and we see that (keep in mind we are in the context of Jewish society and the Temple curtain has been torn) his dead body was eaten by dogs, and so he had no proper burial and would have been refused a proper burial for a number of reasons, but the imagery is not mythical because in this case it is historically and textually conveyed as such that actual dogs devoured the corpse of the one who betrayed our Lord with a Kiss and though he too wept, he did not believe God had the power to forgive him and thus his final act is one of denying God’s mercy – not unlike the heretic Martin Luther who could never accept that Jesus, acting through the priest in the Sacrament of Confession, had the power to absolve one from sins and offer the grace necessary for Eternal Life. For anybody suffering from what they think is evil you can take heart in this – When Florence sings “Jesus Christ” you should know that any demons in the air, as sometimes in places of ill repute or where the occult is studied or Ouija boards are used there are indeed demons present not only in the structure but in the air – however at the very name of Jesus Christ, no demon can bear to hear His name because they are reminded that Christ has already conquered them and their pride burns them so terribly it is not uncommon to hear them occasionally wail or scream as they exit the house or area where his name is said aloud. Thus, witches might do well to listen to this song and trust that Jesus will ensure you are not able to harm, even in the name of helping, any precious human life by calling on the Evil One since the fallen angels will be nowhere in the air around you to listen to your abominable rituals that mock the Mass (implicitly showing everyone that you understand the Catholic Church is the only Church Jesus founded and that the Eucharist is not symbolic but actually the body and and blood of Jesus, of the Divinity, the real flesh and blood of God under the disguise of bread and wine (the accidents are the appearance of bread and wine, but the word transubstantiation means that the essentially ontological and physical substance of the food is truly and really, one can say objectively without a doubt, changed miraculously during the Consecration when the priest whispers “Hoc est enim corpus meam…” and so on. The New Mass is truly a scandal for most Catholics and just like the boat in the storm that scared the Apostles and prompted Jesus to remind them that he has power over everything, because he is fully God and fully Man – the mystery of the Incarnation – The soul can grasp this but the mind that calls upon a limited Kantian reasoning cannot fathom the mystery of faith, of redemption, of rejection, of God’s love for humankind that He deigned to humble himself and become man that we may have eternal life with Him. Never fear to call a priest, the traditional priests are much more helpful in this regard because they are not penetrated by the spirit of worldliness that the Second Vatican Council let inside the Temple of God along with the Smoke of Satan (as Paul VI famously said). Priests who celebrate the New Mass or Novus Ordo Missae and are liturgically careless have often lost faith and even deny the personal being that is Satan – for Evil does indeed have a face and it is would be most foolish to think evil is merely abstract or conceptual or in humanistic terms alone. Therefore, let us rejoice that Florence has cast out the demons in the air with her voice – she is using her voice in ways that help people and when your talents align themselves with the will of God and holiness in charity by sharing your gifts and not burying them, God magnifies your gifts and blesses you so that you may continue to assist His people and help to heal those who are still very much wounded and perhaps not yet able to see the beauty of Christ’s ultimate Sacrifice for us. Thanks Florence, and please for all men and women of good will, pray for me to the Lord, Our God. Also, we pray that St. Lucy takes special notice of Florence and prays without ceasing to the Lord that she might intervene and by her merits (she was martyred under a Roman Emperor and is a patron saint of not only visual artists, but all artists because her eyes were plucked out and God restored them – and no, I don’t find any reason to doubt this or think it a myth if God is all powerful, then surely He can do this…just as the Sun danced in the sky at Fatima in 1917 and can be seen captured on film!) If you are a physicist and especially one of the theoretical sort and expect me to believe in a big bang that nobody saw or witnessed and few people can even understand – why is it impossible for something that even the simple minded, the pious, the illiterate can understand and we have accounts that people actually witnessed these miracles happen and some were converted…but obviously, not even miracles can change a person’s heart if they have seen the light, hated the light, and lost the light – because when the light leaves someone it does not return to them. Thus when you see the light, you must hold onto the light and you will come to love the light and the light will abide with you and within you. The light being the Logos (this is inseparable from the Trinity because there is one God and one God only and the three persons may be distinguished only when we understand that the fullness of each person is within each person as one is always within one no matter how you look at “one.” A mystery too complicated for a fool like me to try to explain. Still, take heart you who read these words and be assured that I have written nothing that contradicts the dogmas and teachings of the Catholic Church nor Reason nor science nor Scripture nor Tradition nor Truth itself. I have explicated the beauty that is found in this song mainly for those who are weary and in a slew of comments on witchcraft and bizarre claims, that I may do my part by offering an honest and edifying interpretation that is my interpretation by I have based it on my knowledge of Sacred Theology and Canon Law, which I hold a doctorate and a licentiate in from the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Pontifical Lateran University, respectively. If you are discouraged because you cannot find any priests who seem to have the Catholic faith still – remember the holy priests of the Society of St. Pius X have never been in schism and Pope Francis has assured the faithful that these priests have jurisdiction to hear confessions and absolve the penitent and to witness marriages with proper canonical jurisdiction, thus dismissing worries of invalidity due to irregularity (there is quite a difference, in any case). The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest also faithfully ministers to Catholics around the world.

    • Ayleid Caligo says:

      Joel P Sis are you ok?

    • Daniel J.G. says:

      Joel P anyways… Happy Solstice everyone!

  10. Dark Sister says:

    I need to learn every step to this dance!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ choreography ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. E aรญ Tupa says:

    *Florence รฉ rainha demais!*

  12. Bobsledism says:

    Flo doesn’t get enough credit for her dance skill. She has this sultry, dark vibe that captivates me every time I watch her.

  13. fanimedusoleil says:

    This album sounds SO DAMN INCREDIBLE

  14. Sarah McD. says:

    i can always rely on florence to make me feel like iโ€™ve transcended into another realm with her music and the visuals, sometimes i question if the woman herself is even real

  15. Moe Summoners War says:

    You need a big god
    Big enough to hold your love
    You need a big god
    Big enough to fill you up

    [Verse 1]
    You keep me up at night
    To my messages, you do not reply
    You know I still like you the most
    The best of the best and the worst of the worst
    Well, you can never know
    The places that I go
    I still like you the most
    You’ll always be my favorite ghost

    You need a big god
    Big enough to hold your love
    You need a big god
    Big enough to fill you up

    [Verse 2]
    Sometimes I think it’s gettin’ better
    And then it gets much worse
    Is it just part of the process?
    Well, Jesus Christ, it hurts
    Though I know I should know better
    Well, I can make this work
    Is it just part of the process?
    Well, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, it hurts
    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, it hurts
    You need a big god
    Big enough to hold your love
    You need a big god
    Big enough to fill you up

    [Instrumental bridge with harmonization]

    Shower your affection, let it rain on me
    And pull down the mountain, drag your cities to the sea
    Shower your affection, let it rain on me
    Don’t leave me on this white cliff
    Let it slide down to the, slide down to the sea
    Slide down to the, slide down to the sea

  16. Uma garota Qualquer. says:


  17. Yire Meyhell says:

    Am I the only one feeling like this song is too simple for Flo’s talent? I also miss that orchestra feeling other songs have and I feel like songs with powerful notes fit her better.

    • SummerWine19 says:

      Thats why “Ceremonials” is my fav album by her so far because of that orchesta and her voice mixed with it. But cannot wait for HIGH AS HOPE

    • GPP0111 says:

      Yire Meyhell
      Sometimes simplicity actually signifies growth. Maybe itโ€™s just that right now she doesnโ€™t need all that huge sound to get her point across.
      I think that this kind of rawness and bluntness suits her.

    • Arthur Monteiro says:

      I’m trying to contain how much I want those trumpets of HBHBHB and Queen of Peace

    • Quinn Lewis says:

      I think it’s good how simplistic it is.

    • Gage Marshall says:

      Trust me, your not the only one

  18. GINGERGREEN ' says:

    cant wait for the album full of existential bops

  19. The Florence + the Machine Fan Club says:

    If anyone’s anything like me and can’t rest until the little hidden meanings are understood, this is what the director has said:
    โ€œItโ€™s about the power the darkness of longing can give you when you embrace your inner beast alone…. Women who bond themselves together like this, and rise up together like this, are usually accused of being witches, so I wanted to explore that. I also wanted to create an abstraction of Florence as if every woman was a small piece of glass that had shattered inside her. Now they join her outside her body and fight with her, love with her, go to war with her”

    For the witches reference, take a look at the painting by Goya called ‘Witchesโ€™ Flight’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Browless D.O says:

    The views on this depresses me

    • SummerWine19 says:

      Browless D.O well it just came out. And views doesnt mean anything. Just because if something have 500 milion views doesnt mean its good.

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