Florence + The Machine – How Big How Blue How Beautiful

Florence + The Machine – How Big How Blue How Beautiful

How Big How Blue How Beautiful

Directed by Tabitha Denholm & Vincent Haycock


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19 Responses

  1. Tom Notz says:

    4 ans après Ceremonials !! Enfin !!! Tellement content que Florence sorte
    un nouvel album :)

  2. 756kitkat says:

    I think I just died

  3. Andrés Reyes says:

    Awesome!! Looking forward to finally listening to new music from them!
    Sounds epic… almost like a theme from The Legend of Zelda… 

  4. mimi says:

    oh florence, how i’ve missed you

  5. Payton Deese says:


  6. CamCold says:

    Its like listening to the angels sing to god.

  7. Maddie Agne says:

    Just scrolling through my youtube feed… Saw this and was not mentally
    prepared, but I am prepared for a third album :)

  8. hateypollu says:

    It looks to me that she “consumed” all the magic the people who supported
    her gave and can now leave happily. Or maybe beginning to commence again,
    considering all the empty spots in the last scene…. She’s emerging from
    the shadows and bringing light to us. 

  9. Andra Oltean says:

    Omg the queen is back <3

  10. Will Martin says:


  11. xMockingjay says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE ALBUM. This is epic ♡♡

  12. Colin Greenall says:

    The Cliche of 2015, Conceptual dance in music videos 

  13. Alana Black says:

    This video remind me of Sia. Not the music, the video, the movements. It’s
    kinda one of Sia’s things

  14. MrKeymil says:

    It’s beautiful. All of it. The song, the choreography, the views…

    For me that woman who is dancing with Flo is a symbol of Isa 🙂 At the
    beginning they are reflecting each other. They’re just like twins. Then
    when the melody is more dynamic, they’re moving together. We can see the
    trust, emotions, this beautiful collaboration between two people, between
    Florence, and the dancer who is symbolizing Isabella.

    I love you, Florence + The Machine. And I can’t wait for the album.

  15. Shawn Wallace says:

    Nice teaser, can’t wait for the release. But with those horns just waiting
    for…Woke up got out of bed….just sounds like it.

  16. Makenzie McIntyre says:


  17. diego Morales says:

    Is that a person ducking at 2:16 ?

  18. octaviaaa says:

    i discovered Florence + the Machine a year ago and I googled if she was
    gonna come out with a new album and one website said it would be around
    October 2014 and when it didn’t happen I was like “god dammit fucking
    liars” and now im so happy and this is only an intro and i can’t. Its only
    been a year but ive still waited long enough.

  19. sara peloni says:

    Voce stupenda, sei una Dea!!!