Florence + The Machine – St Jude

Florence + The Machine – St Jude

ST JUDE… Chapter 2 of the How Big How Blue How Beautiful odyssey.
Directed by Vincent Haycock, choreographed by Ryan Heffington.

Taken from the album ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful’ released 1.6.15 – get ‘What Kind Of Man’ instantly when you pre-order on iTunes: http://po.st/HBHBHBiTD – Official Store: http://po.st/FATMStore3 – Amazon: http://po.st/HBHBHBAmD3 – Google Play: http://po.st/HBHBHBGPD4 or listen and share the track on Spotify http://po.st/FlorenceSpotify

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Music video by Florence + The Machine performing St Jude. (C) 2015 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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19 Responses

  1. Wyne Barba says:

    the vibe of the song is so good, I can’t wait to buy her coming album…
    gave me goosbumps…

  2. Joshua Cameron says:

    This is so beautiful. I can’t wait for the album to be released! :)

  3. Joey Saad says:

    The joy of finding this is my news feed..incomparable.

  4. Interbalance says:

    I like how in this one there’s no drop, you keep expecting the typical
    florence build up but it never comes. This is a much more subtle florence.

  5. Hellen de Paula says:


  6. Amande Bee says:

    {you’ll know you’re there; you’ll know you’re successful, you’ll know
    ‘you’ve made it’, you’ve got it, you’re doing it and doing it right;
    …when all the music makes sense, yea, that’s been my whole life}

  7. Júlio César Moraes says:

    Absolutely amazing <3 <3 

  8. Self-Titled Life says:

    To be honest, this song made my eyes tear up.

  9. Filippo2192 says:

    Damn this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and heard

  10. Josue Nascimento says:

    divina ameiii são judas…

  11. sebastiao pinto ribeiro filho says:


  12. Lucas Miranda says:

    OMFG! This song is awesome! And reminds me the old Florence… *-*

  13. ChrissyCrow says:

    Special! I swear this song is just amazing. So simple but yet so complex.
    She is one of those truly amazing talents. 

  14. Rakzo Antares says:


  15. Jack Poole says:

    Just an interpretation my late night thinking has conjured. I think it’s
    interesting how different people see stories and symbolism.
    As a follow up to what kind of man, Florence has ended the relationship and
    detached herself from the blame and fighting, to share one last intimate
    goodbye. She sees the birds in the sky representing the happiness she is
    chasing. She steps out into the outside world that she is returning to and
    wanders lost without her lover, walking past the children and seeing light
    in their innocence and glee, yet continues. Florence then remembers the
    struggles of the relationship as she finds herself missing her lover, and
    remembers the pain she faced outside the church; which now seems peaceful
    and far away. Yet she falters in the flashback and breaks down, runnig back
    to her lover. She is carried by him for a while yet leaves once more with a
    final touch, then continues the serene journey. A traveler asks her if she
    is lost, as she cannot find the happiness and freedom she seeks.
    Momentarily struck by his, even foreign, kindness- she stares then walks
    on. Distracted, she finds the freedom, the birds in the sky. Yet the fear
    of the openness is far too big and overwhelming, and she falls once more as
    she has found what she was looking for, but doesn’t know what to do with
    it, as it soars higher than she can reach. How big, how blue, how beautiful

  16. adri b says:

    something about the way she just falls to her knees at the end just gets me

  17. lilian chan says:


  18. Josue Nascimento says:


  19. Gonçalo Reis says:

    Dat heartbeat sound on the background… :)