Flower toss Wedding fail! [ORIGINAL]

Flower toss Wedding fail! [ORIGINAL]


Young girl drops baby sister in an attempt to catch a Wedding bouquet that is thrown!

note: the baby was not harmed in the video

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19 Responses

  1. Ayah Mahmoud says:

    That girl is so freaken dumb

  2. James Har_en says:

    Chubby white bitches are always the dumb ones

  3. Meta Face says:

    encore une fois un beau lynchage public, bien sur c’est une mauvaise
    action, mais elle ne merite pas tout les mots qui se disent ici. Ont en
    fait moins pour un tueur

  4. juandeldiablo696 says:

    Fat babies

  5. Gloria Arlita Tello says:


  6. Maggie BelleXoXo says:

    poor little girl.

  7. emokidx94 says:

    fucking white people lol

  8. puppylover98 forever says:

    oh no!!!!!!

  9. 奈良友佳 says:


  10. MICHAEL Nahod says:

    Tossing the baby 

  11. Hanna Delrosario says:

    That girl should’t hold the baby if she was going to get the wedding
    flowers # poor little baby:(

  12. Sharabi says:

    My sister pushed me down the stairs in a box, when i was practically a
    baby. I survived. This is not a big deal. Honest mistake.

  13. Steven Mason says:

    What a fucking moron

  14. Ofee banda says:

    That is so said

  15. ‫عمار الحازمي‬‎ says:

    الي جاي من مجلة ٩٩ لايك

  16. maurorocker says:

    vieja pendeja de mierda

  17. Sunnie Kahle says:

    That girl is gonna kill that God darn baby

  18. suge gonzalez says:

    Yo en mi vida no avía visto algo así.