FNN: Muhammad Ali Funeral Procession and Memorial Service in Louisville, Kentucky

FNN: Muhammad Ali Funeral Procession and Memorial Service in Louisville, Kentucky

Memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky for boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Funeral procession begins at 9 a.m. EST
Muhammad Ali and his innermost circle started a document years ago that grew so thick they began calling it “The Book.”
In the pages, the boxing great planned in exacting detail how he wished to say goodbye to the world.
“The message that we’ll be sending out is not our message — this was really designed by The Champ himself,” said Timothy Gianotti, an Islamic studies scholar who for years helped to plan the services.
“The love and the reverence and the inclusivity that we’re going to experience over the coming days is really a reflection of his message to the people of planet Earth.”
The 74-year-old three-time heavyweight champion wanted the memorial service in an arena. He wanted multiple religions to have a voice while honoring the traditions of his Muslim faith. And he wanted ordinary fans to attend, not just VIPs.

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8 Responses

  1. Ga Dя says:

    Прощай чемпион..

  2. ubix79 says:

    simply “the greatest”

  3. NeoQuex says:

    Rest in peace Muhammad Ali. You will forever be, the greatest of all time!

  4. Melvin TooT Johnson says:

    ***(((Muhammad Ali))). There will never me another like (((C. Clay)))***
    ((( R.I.P.)))***

  5. Melvin TooT Johnson says:

    *(Ali, Ali, Ali, God’s Son!)*** (From: Melvin Toot Johnson, from Tunica,

  6. E 10x says:

    R.I.P. Muhammad Ali. May God Be Well Pleased With Him!! One Of The Great
    Students, Of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad!! One Of The Great
    Soldiers, Of The Mighty, Mighty, F.O.I. (The Fruit Of Islam)!! One Of The
    Great Fighters, In The Cause Of Freedom, Justice, And Equality For Poor
    People!! Also The Absolute Greatest Boxer, Who Ever Lived. The Greatest Of
    All Times!! Rest In Peace, Big Brother!!!

  7. omar camacho says:

    otro qe esta vivo abran la tapa del ataud y no ay na

  8. Huckabuck RatchetCityHero says:

    I could of swore Ali was a member of noi ……….