Focus Group Says Bernie Sanders Was Big Winner of Democratic Debate

Focus Group Says Bernie Sanders Was Big Winner of Democratic Debate

During a live post-debate “Kelly File,” Frank Luntz talked to a focus group of voters from the key swing state of Florida.

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20 Responses

  1. James Dickerson says:

    don’t listen to the media…just look at the focus groups… the people are
    all that matters not the corporate run media with agendas…bernie 2016

  2. JAY Daniels says:

    #feelthebern! ! We need to legalize Marijuana. create billions of $$ in Tax
    Revenue and create 1000’s of jobs

  3. Pac_is_Roberto _Duran says:

    Over 1000 repetitions of righteousness. It’s a deep Bern.

  4. Mayheamk K says:

    bullshit fuckin group gtfo here fatty!!!!!

  5. formeitwastuesday says:

    So many stupid Democrats.

  6. Peace My friend says:

    Go Bernie for the win and don’t be surprised when he fixes the mistakes
    from Regan to Bush… corporate politicians are shaking in their boots.
    Funny not a single republican comment mentions the TTIP that the republican
    party voted unanimously for it… more jobs for the Chinese.
    Best debate ever not the like the clowns on the republican debates.

  7. Pascal Swiercz says:

    I think I finally agree with fox news on an issue.

  8. 終わり says:

    These people have no idea why those emails are important, that’s why they
    don’t care about them. I don’t think they have any clue that she could
    literally go to prison over them. Willful ignorance.

  9. Brian Hamilton says:

    A very smart group of people.

  10. Dan Lech says:

    Yay florida!!

  11. Territomauvais says:

    I just liked a Fox News video. Shit.


  12. Stephen Fun says:

    In the year 2015, Fox News turns left, while CNN, NYT, and Time roll to the

  13. didyoulisiten says:

    This shows one thing, Democrats are fucking Communists.

  14. Carl P. says:

    2:38: “It’s just such a non-issue”. Wow. Thank you moron for representing
    the Socialist party.

  15. Artem Skorokhodov says:

    I’m a sanders guy and i know its tempting to circle jerk, but here’s the
    truth. these focus groups are the same ones that said trump was through.
    i’m not going to trust anything until i see some national polls.

  16. Alan Garcia says:

    I gotta admit that FOX has cover the post debate better than ANY other News
    Everyone else is saying “HILLARY OMFG SHE IS SO GREAT” when anyone with a
    brain knows that Sanders controlled that debate and O Malley gave more to
    talk about than Clinton.

  17. olov244 says:

    I liked Jim Webb, he’s not my favorite and I don’t think he has a shot this
    year, but he has some good points and I hope he plays a larger role in the
    democratic party.

  18. J Rochford says:

    Enough with the emails? It’s NOT about emails, it’s National Security!!!
    It’s about the server and Top Secret information on those servers. They are
    making Democrats to sound like Idiots. Hilliary is not good for Democrats
    and I can’t believe she is still being protected.

  19. nickmordo says:

    CNN and Axelrod can suck a dick

  20. Ghassan Seayed says:

    I don’t really care about U.S. politics but from what i see is that both
    the Democrats and Republicans bash on Trump is like he’s a threat to both
    sides. That’s is why i’m interested on seeing him as President..