FOOD FEARS: Bacon (with Colleen Ballinger)

FOOD FEARS: Bacon (with Colleen Ballinger)

The time has come. We’re helping Colleen Ballinger confront her fear of bacon once and for all.  GMM #1399

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32 Responses

  1. Shawn Weber says:

    Wow she’s so healthy and glowing while shes pregnant, that’s amazing!

  2. godogsful1 says:

    I want Link to conquer his fear of tomatoes and Shane Dawson! He hates Strawberries and pickles!!

  3. Matthew Fries says:

    Link needs to face his fear of tomatoes
    And rhett needs to face his fear of congeled blood (okay lets face it rhett’s fear is legitimate)

  4. Kevin Lohmann says:

    Rhett & Link & Into the Woods & My Day Is Now PERFECT

  5. Valére says:

    I’d like them to be on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen or the F Word but I’d be sad if Link cries.

  6. Caleb McCarthy says:

    Bacon is good! Needs to become the next big broadway show!

  7. Max Fields says:

    Rhett needs to do it with Link for like 15 different foods.

  8. RandomlyAbigail says:

    When is Bacon is Good gonna be playing on Broadway?

  9. Hello Animals says:

    I love Colleen out of her “character”

  10. gamrage says:

    I like how they tricked her with that chili. It shows her dislike for bacon is more of an issue of principal over an issue of flavor.
    Personally I don’t like or dislike bacon. I “DO” think it’s used in to many recipes and cuisines throughout America these days but it’s not like I won’t eat it if it’s in front of me.

  11. BluJay 720 says:

    This series could last the whole season with just Link alone.

  12. FireKing 822 says:

    I love ‘into the woods’ and I think you should make it an official song.

  13. Kathleen Moya says:

    OMG Colleen, when I was pregnant with my first baby, I craved chili so bad! One time we went to Wendy’s just for chili and lemonade and when we ordered they said they were out of chili and I started BAWLING. lol

  14. Alin Frank says:

    Do Shane Dawson cause he doesn’t like strawberry stuff 😂

  15. Logan Conklin says:

    Help Gordon Ramsay get over his fear of Pineapple on Pizza!! It would make for quite the interesting episode!

  16. Aarhg says:

    Get Barry from My Virgin Kitchen to eat cold blue cheese.

  17. EghxsaB13 _ says:

    I never noticed how pretty she is 😍 wow

  18. khyaa dielkes says:

    FIGURE OUT WHAT FOOD SNAHE DAWSON DOESN’T LIKE!! shane NEEEEDS to be on heree! like if you agree 🙂

  19. Destiny Reeves says:

    Tbh… I HATE BACON.. I actually don’t like most pork… But I feel sick to my stomach even smelling bacon being cooked

  20. Jay Malone says:

    I don’t like salads…..bring me in and try to change me! lol

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