Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* STREET FIGHTER BUNDLES! [February 20th, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* STREET FIGHTER BUNDLES! [February 20th, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop right now on February 20th, 2021.
Let’s see what’s in the Item Shop today!

If you would like to support me with Support A Creator, be sure to use code ITF. You can use that code in the Fortnite Item Shop and the Epic Games Store! Thank you for all the support, it really means a lot to me! #EpicPartner

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99 Responses

  1. Mikey says:

    As someone who hasn’t even played street fighter I can appreciate the attention to detail Epic Games/Donald Mustard have done!

    • RACCS says:

      @Thick pink Buttcheeks mongraal and vadeal and a lot of Eu pro players last season started wearing it during FNCS and other tourtaments, since then the skin has become the most popular and wanted male skin. I have it but most ppl are gonna rock it with star wand when it comes back

    • Weed Eater says:

      @RACCS i’m not a sweat. i really like travis scott and i’ve known about him for a long time before the fortnite concert. I was a default when the pack came out and missed out on it. And now that I have v-bucks I want it.

    • Weed Eater says:

      @Thick pink Buttcheeks It seems cool to me

    • RACCS says:

      @Weed Eater cool I had nothing against you bro if you like it for a reason get it I was just saying that’s a major reason why ppl want it

    • Weed Eater says:

      @RACCS yeah just didnt want to be associated with the no lives that are mongraal

  2. Bruno Burrone Gulfo says:

    I love how they put loading screens on the bundle it’s so much better

  3. XyloBro says:

    I’m predicting that Doom is going to be the next collaboration

  4. Seventy7 CHR says:

    The built in emote for Ryu brings back so much nostalgia man

  5. Mage Fizzie Games says:

    Probably one of the only skins my dad actually bought…

  6. Hazel says:

    POV: you wait a couple mins more for I Talk to upload because all the streamers do is beg for followers and don’t get to the shop until 02:53

  7. Ensconced • says:

    They could’ve put Evil Ryu as an edit style, that would’ve looked so clean

  8. Big Ethan says:

    Say it with me, you’ve even heard it in his voice, shore-you-ken. Shoryuken.

  9. BK gamer says:

    Ryu doesn’t use his fists as a pickaxe and I’m pissed at that

  10. I Talk says:

    Thanks for using code ITF to support me! THESE LOOK SICK!

    Street Fighter Set – NEW
    Deadfire – 42 days ago
    Dark Shard – 42 days ago
    Slurpentine – 35 days ago
    Professor Slurpo – 35 days ago
    Drip Axe – 35 days ago
    Castor – 33 days ago
    Spellslinger – 16 days ago
    Electro Swing – 27 days ago
    Whiplash – 31 days ago
    Jumbo Popcorn – 2nd day

    Cap kick – 9 days ago

    That’s it for the shop! Again, thanks to everyone using code ITF! Have an amazing day or night! Talk to you all later 🙂

  11. FluxCptnDavey says:

    I love how Retro the Emotes and glider deploying sound.

  12. Виктор Минчев says:

    If I see Chun Li with Star Wand pickaxe, I’m quitting the game.

  13. SaucyKev Gaming says:

    My Favorite collab this season but I’m broke asf

  14. Sean McDonald says:

    To celebrate this moment, I perfectly synced Ryu’s theme right before he appeared in the item shop

  15. MootsBoots says:

    Nick: Shor-ree-ken
    Game literally 2 seconds later: Shor-you-ken

  16. Reee says:

    The fact that there isn’t a music pack or a pixelated loading screen makes me a bit upset.

  17. Alpha says:

    “Ok we have the shuriken” that killed my soul

  18. ducky_S14M07 says:

    They should make a built in traversal emote that’s his signature walking

  19. Ruben Cheerios says:

    There’s gonna be random people saying “look how they massacred my boy”

  20. Rita - Only Fans - Free says:

    There’s gonna be random people saying “look how they massacred my boy”

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