Fortnite – Storm Flip | New Item

Fortnite – Storm Flip | New Item

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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72 Responses

  1. Corruptz says:

    *fortnite world cup has left the chat.*

  2. TheEndrDefendr says:

    Holy its the new fortnite reverse card

    Edit: Cant wait for some memes for this one

  3. Switch fan says:

    Storm: here I come

    Player: UNO reverse card

  4. Jaroldinho says:

    Absolutely Nobody:
    Not Even 1 Soul:
    Bcc: New Storm Flip Item Is OP

  5. RasinTheGamer-Z says:

    And that my friends is about to get vaulted? in 48.00 hours

  6. Pizza Slice says:

    Epic: Hunting Rifle Vaulted
    RIP Trick Shots

  7. xd Valerian says:

    2 weeks later……

    “Storm flip has been vaulted due to it being unbalanced in late game. Sorry for the inconvenience”

  8. BatchFighterTM says:

    When you use it INSIDE of the circle ⭕️ you make a mini storm

  9. I Am XaDeMu says:

    Final Circle:

    Player 1: Traps guy in the storm

    Player 2: I am inevitable

  10. Potato llama101 says:

    Storm bottles: **exists**

    Stink bombs: _I DON’T FEEL SO GOOD_

  11. VirtualBluez says:

    Highground player: **doing take the L**
    Guy with stormflip: *it’s rewind time*

  12. YagoPatatax says:


    Not a single soul:

    Fornite: We have already vaulted it 😀

  13. logan 77659 says:

    Buckle up for world cup endgames cause its gonna be a bumpy ride

  14. endermelle says:

    a sweaty with a soccer skin: *destroying the lobby*

    one defaulty boi with a storm flip: i’m about to end this man’s whole career

  15. Jiren Chillin In The Comment Section says:

    Epic: *Vaults Hunting Rifle*

    FaZe Mew: *I dOnT fEeL sO gOoD*

  16. can we get 1000 sub with no video? says:

    *skybase player: too ez*
    *player with storm flip: not so fast pal*

  17. SomeAustralianGuy says:

    If this is available on Blitz. 😉 I’m about to end your career.

  18. Max0YouNow says:

    I smell another challenge for fortnite youtubers. “To win the game using storm flip”

  19. Emily Plays-Gamez! says:

    Storm bottle *Exists*
    Lazarbeam: Winning the game by staying in the storm, Pt 2!

  20. DarKzY 12 says:

    Epic: We’ve added the storm flip to the game

    Players: What did it cost?

    Epic: Hunting rifle

    Trickshotters: ……??

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