Fortnite World Cup Finals – Day 3

Fortnite World Cup Finals – Day 3

The Fortnite World Cup Finals!

The most participated-in tournament of all time. Don’t miss a single play.

12:30pm ET – Preshow starts
1pm ET – Solo Finals

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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73 Responses

  1. Marco Guzman says:

    3:18:37,no podrá dormir mongraal por esto (1 kill wao)

  2. José Luis says:

    Congrats to bugha, props to King for making it exciting. 5th being 13 years old. Aguante King, vamos Argentina!

  3. Josh Leader says:

    Imagine just going to school after winning the World Cup, bet all the girls will want Bugha for the money

  4. Yoi Clan says:

    Congratulations Bugha. The Best solo player in fortnite.

  5. xMozart says:

    This proves that there’s alot of really really good players who aren’t known

  6. Wayste says:

    I watched 15 hours livestream of fortnite and didn’t get a spray

  7. FR ROCK says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Monster: Kings cant drive he is 13

  8. Meme Lord says:

    I watch an hour and a half in one sitting anf didnt get the wrap

  9. cici says:

    You will have 0 ping

    Buy better internet to activate

  10. Jiyed Miah says:

    I’m knew bugha was going to win because of how consistent he is but I’m surprised where tfue came in the leader board

  11. Blooky says:

    How many times I have to say that you have to build covered bridges to win

  12. Cristian Lucero says:

    VAMOS KING LA CONCHA DE SU MADRE. Representando como se debe ??

  13. ツAfonso says:

    Wtf i watched more than 1 hour and i didn’t get the prize, and i have the epic games conncted in my account >:(

  14. Cremo cel viteaz says:

    Guys I watched 2 hours and dont got The wrap and spray yesterday and I have The linked acount like Who dont have The wrap or spray

  15. Santiago Chiappe says:

    65 % of the coments are that they didn’t get the wrap
    30 % are GG Bugha
    5 % are that airwaks predict the winner

  16. Grandpa says:

    Welcome to the home of raging 9-year-olds: Fortnite

  17. Cat king Plush Angelo says:

    So glad a famous person like tfue or mongral didn’t win they don’t need the money bugha deserves it

  18. YoshiPeach Mario says:

    Even 100th place gets $50k, that’s more than the average salary

  19. icyEmeraldz says:

    Lmao look at the guy next to the red shirt bottom right 4:13:07

  20. HeyItsAbby says:

    congrats to the 16 year old that won $3 million and is now richer than i’ll ever be ??

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