Foster The People – Worst Nites (Official Video)

Foster The People – Worst Nites (Official Video)

Foster The People’s “Worst Nites” is available now:

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Directors — Mark Foster & Josh Hutcherson
Written by Josh Hutcherson & Mark Foster
Production Company — Burning Film (
Producer — Ryland Burns
Co-Producer – Josh Hutcherson
Cinematographer — Dannel Escallon
Production Designer — Tyler Evans
Editor — John-Michael Powell
Colorist – Derek Hansen
Co-Producer — Christo Arsenio
1st AD — Rene Gannon-O’Gara
Wardrobe — Debbie Gonzalez
Makeup — Nikoleta Skarlaty
Casting — Jonathan Buckley
Choreographer — Chris Scott
1st AC — Steve Doyle
2nd AC — Ajiri Akpolo
Steadicam — Aaron Gantt
Gaffer — Albert Gonzalez
Key Grip — Mark Rodriguez
Grips — Dan Martinez, Sergio Nava, & Angel Villarreal
Art Director — Craig Smith
PA — Eli Paul

Starring — Richie The Barber, Chris Andrews, Kyle Brown, Stacey Kenealy, Gordana Simunovic, Austin Spacy, & Mark Laursen

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41 Responses

  1. Tyannalovesyou says:

    Mark Foster’s mind is brilliant

  2. Finnegun says:


  3. Luis gamers says:

    por un momento pense que bailarian houdini :v

  4. slazh88 says:

    Richie the Barber wtf?? Cx

  5. Derpington VanDerpen says:

    The Clowns Channels
    YT: Richie the barber love light energy
    Twitch: richiethebarberclown

  6. Necronaut says:



  7. Deathlok says:

    Richie the Barber Cx

  8. Ernest says:

    Shout out to richie the barber. Good shit! Cx

  9. Thanos says:

    Purple Army – Cx network new cast member @Ice Poseidon channel

  10. Quickscript Creations says:


  11. Trihard Mccree says:

    Cx in the chat

  12. david says:

    shoutout to my man Richie The Barber the clown!!! Cx

  13. ivan yg says:

    Cx in the chat

  14. Rave Moments says:

    Can’t get enough of this song and Blest Jones – Pressure 💕💕💕

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