Fox and Friends Kellyanne Conway commercial for Ivanka Trump

Fox and Friends Kellyanne Conway commercial for Ivanka Trump

Kellyanne Conway encourages Fox News viewers to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing and appears to violate federal law

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19 Responses

  1. James Bentley says:

    Is it just me or does Conway look like she’s halfway finished turning into
    a snake

  2. Pamela O'Hare says:

    Fox ….. the QVC for the Trump WH

  3. Liz Frolick says:

    Totally inappropriate, this is a misuse of power, and conflict of interest.

  4. The Civil Engineering DJ says:

    Faux News = Home Shopping Channel for Ivanka….

    Talk about conflict of interests….

  5. yagher says:

    You stupid idiotic woman! Have you not learned anything yet?? Just when you
    think you can start climbing out of the hole you dug yourself into, you
    find a way to fall further into the TRUMP abyss. The conflicts of interest
    surrounding Trump and all his business ties, not divesting and separating
    himself COMPLETELY while holding office, is a FACT you fail to recognize!
    His tweeting about the so called ‘unfairness’ a department store has shown
    towards dropping his daughter’s products should not be of ANY concern to
    him right now! Does he too have shares in her company that he’s worried
    about?? It’s BUSINESS and if a prominent department store has a product
    that is not selling, it’s good business to LET IT GO! You plugging a
    ‘commercial’ to tell people to buy Ivanka’s stuff is INAPPROPRIATE as you
    being a Counselor to the President. You will be chewed out for this yet
    again you fool. Let’s see how you talk your way out of this one. IDIOT.

  6. terder123 says:

    This is unbelievable. She needs to be fired. How can they get away with
    this behavior.

  7. Sharon Knight says:

    This not OK.
    We just paid this spokesperson to promote the president’s daughter’s
    Tax payers paid her to run a commercial for national TV for the president’s
    Since when did the White House staff become the equivalent of QVS and HSN?
    And being paid by US?
    No, this NOT OK.
    She should be fired, immediately and brought up on charges for misuse of
    White House property.

  8. AquaticBoardwalkEngineer says:

    Using the White House to push the Trump family business. That is not
    illegal. it is alternative law breaking.

  9. EnzoTheBaker says:

    “Go buy it today”

    How about go fuck yourself.

  10. Jim Bridson says:

    LOCK HER UP! Lock HER UP! Lock HER UP! . . .

  11. nick says:

    this is a law on the books. no government officials shall promote family
    member, friends etc for monitory gain. this is illegal. look it up. why are
    they not charging her? and trump for that matter for his tweet. he is
    clearly abusing his power in office and there is the damn proof.

  12. Travis says:

    This country has gone to shit in 3 weeks….sad!

  13. iggy082 says:

    every single day. every single day excrement oozes out of this
    administration. everyone who voted for this white cheese filled orange
    condom should be rounded up and have their thumbs sawed off.

  14. Anna Manning says:

    202.932 4800 is the number of the Ethics Committee. their phone is getting
    flooded but they’re still taking messages just wait for the operator. I’m
    also going to call my state senator to see if I can sell my clothing line

  15. jeff illi says:

    Who gives a sh!t. You liberals will cry about anything.

  16. Shirl E says:

    With all the concerns surrounding Trump and his conflicts of interest how
    could you make such a huge mistake like this. They seem to continue to
    think the rules just don’t apply to them. Pretty crappy of a President (or
    his staff) to make negative remarks about a company who drops his
    daughter’s line of products because the sales have plummeted. I thought
    Trump was a business man. Isn’t that what companies do? If a product line
    isn’t making them money then they move on to the next thing. Happens to all
    kinds of people, including people who actually need the income, unlike
    ivanka or someone with bank accounts and assets equivalent to hers. Is
    Trump and Conway going to give free commercials for those people, Will he
    also chose to make negative remarks about the companies who have
    discontinue their products also? I Guess he meant “Make the trump and
    family businesses great again.” That’s the America he fights for. He needs
    to make sure in 4 years he and his family are still living the life style
    of the rich and famous!

  17. Lee Hensley says:

    Kellanne Conway is incompetent, unethical trainwreck. Week One: Alternative
    Facts. Week Two: Bowling Green Massacre. Week Three: A blatant black letter
    law breach of ethics (but aren’t they all) spewing a “free commercial” for
    Ivanka resulting in a Senior Counselor to the President being counseled
    herself. TRAINWRECK.

  18. GucciArzola says:

    Why is the government and president himself doing this for a family

    If it fails it fails. I don’t see anyone in government power doing this for
    small businesses or failing businesses.


  19. Victor Asack says:

    lol, her job is kissing trumps family ass 24/7

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