Fox news anchor Shepard Smith, “Your kids die too”

Fox news anchor Shepard Smith, “Your kids die too”

Hurricane Matthew will kill your kids according to this Fox news anchor.

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18 Responses

  1. angelo Mill says:

    I had to search this if it was true omg what dumb ass he be looking for new

  2. geerob gizzle says:

    somebody posted this on Facebook and it was so many ppl commenting at once
    it made my damn phone fuck up smh had to see if this was real this damn
    dude is an ass to say that shit wow!!

  3. VPSantiago says:

    It’s not possible…

  4. Life Masterz says:

    Bruh i had to google this to see if it was true. DAM smh

  5. Dick Tracy says:

    Just another faggot liberal.

  6. TheDopeCantaloupe says:

    We need to appreciate this guys honesty. I mean we usually can’t say that
    much about fox news.

  7. Martha Diego says:

    Prayers for everyone in florida!

  8. ACT5 Soundable says:

    I will never watch fox again I’m starting to get hit by this huricane and
    the kids were with me in my bed when we saw this Shepard you are an ashole

  9. MultiSilversalmon says:

    Ridiculous Irresponsible You can warn people conditions can get very
    dangerous. His forecast is ridiculous.

  10. Sam Shields says:

    *Fox Exec:* But if we dumb down America, won’t that crash our ratings if
    they all die out of ignorance in a natural disaster?
    *Fox Exec 2:* I know just the man… Janice! Put Shephard Smith on the
    …we’ve got a few words for him.

  11. Sam Alam says:

    It was absolutely necessary for him to be blunt and brutal about it.
    Otherwise stupid motherfuckers will refuse to evacuate and put their lives
    and their children’s lives in danger.

  12. lpgft says:

    he’s not wrong though. Remember Katrina… people decided to stay and …
    they blamed Bush …

  13. Peter Loew says:

    The child laughing in the background of this video? You better believe it
    would DIE as well.

  14. Joanaj Jurado says:

    we need more News reporters like him

  15. John Baker says:

    This guy is a fucking joke of a reporter. Get a new job dick munch

  16. EndMinX 90 says:

    well fuck…

  17. Kevin Hudson says:

    he’s dumb he’s a bitch he’s scared of nothing

  18. Dale Reed says:

    wtf lol this is nuts