Frank Underwood – FU2016 – House of Cards

Frank Underwood – FU2016 – House of Cards

It’s a new day in America.
Vote for Frank Underwood in 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Hỗn Tạp says:

    The President Race just started, and President Underwood just lost Emmy and
    Golden Globe

  2. Brian Anthony says:

    Woo hoo I can’t wait!!!!! Miss HOC’s so much!!!!!!

  3. La Papa Chuño says:

    I need it now, pls

  4. poeven says:


  5. Vitor Alexandre says:

    The last season was so shit that I’m not even sure if I’m gonna watch this

  6. TheSAUD2011 says:

    omg he is soooooooooo SEXY!!!!

  7. Nick Doyle says:


  8. Climax DeAbsurdum (GreyTopStudio) says:

    I liked season three kinda
    Nothing huge happened because if the stakes kept rising from season two it
    would start feeling unrealistic
    But it was definitely boring, repetitive and fucking stupid for a majority
    of its run (what was that God awful debate scene?)
    I hope that this or season 5 is the last season
    Season 3 showed us that we’re running out of steam

  9. Alex Lajoie says:

    I think FU might be my favorite character on a show ever. Kevin Spacey is
    an acting genius.

  10. J. Mieses says:

    Bad trailer

  11. Mega Rarak says:


  12. J Rivera says:


  13. LionheadBunny says:

    i am 100% sure there will be more propaganda on “bad russia” in this season

  14. Milchmann303 says:

    America Works!

  15. inboxnews says:

    Frank Underwood — The male version of Hillary Clinton.

  16. Who AreYou says:

    politics is an unimaginative Fairytale with ugly actors and mindless
    plot-vehicles ( false flags) If you really care at all please do something
    more than vote!

  17. Kay Wize says:

    FU2016…Oh, I can’t wait! Brilliant marketing campaign :)

  18. SomeplaceINSpace says:

    Exactly what a Democrat would say.

  19. TheAaron3dg says:

    Stoked. so very stoked

  20. Tristen Aull says:

    I’d vote for him as king of Canada.