Fredo Bang – Don’t Stop Believing (Official Video)

Fredo Bang – Don’t Stop Believing (Official Video)

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35 Responses

  1. Calzion says:

    *Fredo the most underrated rapper in the game, he consistently drops heat 🔥 I hope I make a song with him one day 🙏🏿🌎*

    • K B says:

      @Wyo Kentrell 87 comments on this channel, this man really got you in your feelings 😂, stay safe behind your screen little boy

  2. Gabe _ says:

    “i seen them Bodies in the Streets Can’t tell Me that i Ain’t Blessed” 💯🙏🏽


    Fredo deserves his success. Proud to see him make a way for himself, his family and his team. Cant wair to hear another “Pray To GOD” type joint soon.

    • Unreleased Leaks4k says:


    • koolaidbabiii says:

      didnt rod wave say 1:03 – 1:40

    • J Grimes says:

      *your reading this, ok look im not gonna lie, you hate that one self promoter guy, but I honestly believe I’m the notorious BIG reincarnated, if not then biggie and pac are my spirit guides on my left and right, and. I think I’m going to become the greatest rapper of THIS ERA, Sure I might kinda suck at the moment but that won’t stop me, roast my music or praise it, for my confidence knows no bounds, enough of these trash rappers thinking they’re music is anything but regurgitated garbage that all sounds the same, how bout a mediocre rapper that’s self aware and doesn’t take anything seriously and mocks the industry and has fun amongs the chaos ? i would appreciate the feedback and harsh criticism along the way though* 🙏✌️🔥

      *im an australian rapper that was rejected by my nation and will get back at them through these malicious rhymes* 🤙👹

      *make sure to roast my OTHER songs too,* 🙏🔥


  4. X3NOxClipzz says:

    This song is really gonna be another example of how versatile fredo is and how he has some of the best flows in the industry

  5. dynnis says:

    “they used to pick on me when they found out my daddy gay” wowwww😳😳

  6. Gavin says:

    Man I slept on Fredo for so long but he really deserves everything he has achieved and so much more that he will achieve

  7. I-Droxxped Yew says:

    I like how he be in his own lil world listening to music shows that he don’t bother nobody

    • Silent Shadows says:

      @TheRealKingEddo bruh stfu nigga I can’t believe stupid ass kids still talking about bullshit zodiacs

    • K B says:

      @TheRealKingEddo you a grown man believing in star signs, smh

    • TheRealKingEddo says:

      @K B So? How come most Geminis are two faced more than any other zodiac sign? Y’all YouTube thugs get mad at shit that got nothin to do witchu to begin with nobody was talkin to you anyway

  8. Fredo Bang says:

    Like & Comment If This Song “Motivates” You🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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