French Montana – No Shopping ft. Drake

French Montana – No Shopping ft. Drake

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20 Responses

  1. xan says:

    Drake sound the same in every song

  2. RLC aka Quatz says:

    you see drake not trying to do the sauce dance. Canadian ass scrub. sipping
    on the drake, sipping on the drake never take bird man shopping listen to
    those gay ass lyrics

  3. Ramel King says:

    3:48 drake sipping on the water lol

  4. DRzCalderon says:

    French: Reporting live from… AAAYYYEEHHH!!! LMAO *DEAD*

  5. ShizzTheKid says:

    Would’ve been nice to see one dark skin girl, like damn you shot out Serena

  6. Sean Carter says:

    after Drake’s music career is over, ya’ll gonna see him doing comedy movies

  7. The JuicyNay says:

    Im here just for Drake and this pool

  8. Moonking buzz says:

    I still don’t get how you can get that many hot girls in one place?

  9. LISTEN TO “_KPopPill” EXO_Monster says:

    Drake and Budden should just hug it out, seriously.

  10. Nick Bradshaw says:

    Why does drake look like Dr. Evil rapping in the prison… Shit is fire tho

  11. Im Prince says:

    everybody is gonna ignore the fact that this gay ass nigga French montana
    called drake papi ??

  12. Richii Jimenez says:

    Dominican REP!

  13. datnigga mimo says:

    Thats how niggas wit dough suppose to be…get $! Fuck beefin n killin each

  14. Vervain In My System says:

    “Pump pump pump it up
    She got a good head on her but I pump it up
    I’m not a *one-hit wonder* they know all my stuff
    *You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was*”

    *Totally dissing Joe Budden there lol*

  15. unknown unknown says:

    My nigga Drake just cold Mann 2016 he said it ??????

  16. john ble says:

    What does drake so to Montana in the end when he’s speaking Spanish??

  17. Mary Martinez says:

    ???????????????Republica Dominicana ???????? Klk

  18. doctor Bnasty says:

    apparently drake is dissing budden in this song. Do ya’ll think the
    “sipping on drank” part is subliminal for “simping on drake” because like
    thats what budden is doing, or am i just a conspiracy theorist

  19. east side boy says:

    aye y’all peep drake dance tho????

  20. Miranda Martinez says:

    I’d fuck all these girls, I don’t care if i’m female.