Friday Night Funkin’ – South but every turn a Different Skin Mod is used

Friday Night Funkin’ – South but every turn a Different Skin Mod is used

Originally I wanted to do every boyfriend turn the skin would change but I underestimated how low in turns this song would have but even so I still have like a lot of clips leftover which I had no intention of going to waste. It’s kinda of ironic when I literally stated that in my previous video but it was my fault for checking so I could only settle with this instead. Once again I still want people to know that I did use a bot to keep things well sync because I don’t intend on hiding that fact since I wanted to make this video as a fun viewing experience while delivering people exposure of new skin mods out there. I have to admit compared to most I think week 2 is underrated which is the reason why I wanted to make a video of it before I forget it since I did skip it like two songs ago. Overall, this song was much easier to do since most mods came with a Girlfriend and Boyfriend skin.

Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

OMORI MOD (Update: Bug Spray)

Kokichi + Nagito as Spooky kids

Spookiez, But they’re humanoid

Zim, Gir, and MiniMoose over Skid and Pump

Family Night Funkin Modpack


Skid And Pump Skin Playable

Lila over Daddy Dearest

Gumball and Darwin over Spooky Kids

Elegant Night Dancin’ Mod

The Angry Video Game Nerd over Boyfriend

The Pelones “Pelito” replaces BF

Garfield With beta bfcar and also color correction

Marina Over GF (Splatoon)

Kaede Akamatsu GF

2B / Friday Night Funkin’ Mod

Shuichi Saihara BF

Princess Peach as Girlfriend

Ritz over GF

HoloNight Funkin’ RETURNS!

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46 Responses

  1. PrizMatex says:


  2. Seems sus To me says:

    1:18 man nobody talk about angry video game nerd rapping with invader zim and the girlfriend is peach
    Edit: hes so angry that he floating an inch

  3. Avocado says:

    Alternative Title: South but the kids try new costumes-

    Edit: Oml thanks for the likes

  4. striking Sarcophagus says:

    0:48 Oh, its Skid’s mom. I wasn’t expecting that

  5. Shiruku Katze says:

    Finally I can play a game where Garfield is Rapping with Amelia and Gura while 2B is watching

  6. Cheesy Habibi says:

    I didn’t expect to see Quackity, Gumball, and Nagito all in one video but here we are

  7. Kokichi Ouma says:

    Okay but can we please appreciate the fact that Kokichi and Nagito would be so fucking chaotic together if they ever met? Like I feel like they would become bestfriends and Shuichi and Hajime would always have to be keeping them out of trouble lol

  8. tugberk72 says:

    Lightning: strikes

    Basil: “everything is going to be ok”

  9. Don Limón says:

    Never thought I’d see Gura and Amelia in the same video with Kokichi and Nagito

  10. Nikolai S. says:

    “Its krizmas?!”

    *starts a halloween dance*

    *So you have chosen, death.*

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