Fried Super Bowl Party Taste Test

Fried Super Bowl Party Taste Test

Max Greenfield is here to help us deep fry an entire Super Bowl party spread! And if 4x fried buffalo wings are wrong, we obviously don’t want to be right!  GMM #1474

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83 Responses

  1. Amanda Philipow says:

    Man I love the mythical crew but this was so awkward to watch. I know they would never do anything to intentionally make their guest uncomfortable but did nobody think this through….? ?

    • Amanda Philipow says:

      Molly Katherine Cornett I see that now, thank you! Glad to know they’re in the loop.

    • Miss Annabelle says:

      They absolutely DO intentionally do things that make their guests uncomfortable – just this season they had a guest on who unknowingly tasted and rubbed on his teeth pre-chewed gum that had been sitting in a bowl with spit bubbles – gum that had been chewed by various members of the crew no less – and no one told him until after he’d done it. That was gross, could have been detrimental to the health of the guest, and it showed a lack of respect for their guest. And the look on his face when they finally told him, shows he was NOT happy about it.

    • boop beep says:

      +Miss Annabelle well gmm eats tons of weird stuff, i dont see a reason why they should back up what they’ve been KNOWN to do for years, the guest accepted the invitation so its their fault lmao

    • Jessica Ågren says:

      +Miss Annabelle They are asked about their diet beforehand though, and I’m sure they check if they are okay with gross stuff… they’ve said it before on other episodes, some guests don’t get certain thing they don’t enjoy but they’re fine with eating/tasting anything else. Basically, you know what you get on this show. Except this time the communication didn’t go perfectly…

    • Walt Shuman says:

      +Miss Annabelle I think the end of your comment is a bit on the dramatic side. Detrimental to the health of the guest? It’s gross, for sure, but I wouldn’t classify it as something harmful or them intending to hurt him. That’s just a bit over the top.

  2. direbeta says:

    Yikes. This episode was a disaster.

  3. Kevin Lohmann says:

    Yeaaaaa, this episode was a dud. Not only the issue with a vegetarian on the show for all meat foods, but also the deep frying format made for a pretty uninteresting episode in general.

  4. mrs. Hammertime says:

    I don’t understand this episode. There are TONS of non meat super bowl snacks. Why wouldn’t you choose any of those so your guest could participate? This was painful to watch. Almost more painful than the Megan Fox episode.

  5. AwesomeKitCat says:

    Why did you choose the vegetarian guest for an episode with mostly meat? Should have had him on a different episode and someone else for this one. He mostly just sat there and watched you eat…

    • Emma Woods Tv says:

      theflamedragon he is vegetarian not vegan there is a difference

    • YamiSphinx says:

      People that just keep commenting ‘read the pinned comment’ how about you read when the OP posted their comment smh. The pinned comment was added 6 HOURS after the video was posted. How can people read a comment that didn’t exist when they wrote their comment??

    • StaticImage says:

      He could have been more gracious about things. But he wasn’t. He was a terrible guest.

    • Diego Ramos says:

      +Emmy It probably wasn’t his fault, he might have an agent that wasmt aware or may have juzt forgotten

    • Hi_Its_maggie says:

      They didn’t know he was vegetarian (they called the agent to ask in advance and the agent gave the wrong answer) until he sat down on the set and the food was already made

  6. headlights go up says:

    Am I blind or are the comments with 1k+ likes gone now?

  7. Too Much says:

    This one made me uncomfortable, maybe a little too much

  8. Jesson says:

    I like how he was so fine with being called a “fry daddy”

  9. William Vouk says:

    I can almost guarantee that they had no idea that Max was vegetarian until he got to set that day. I think the crew would’ve accommodated for him if they’d known in advance. Having said that, I also feel like they could have managed to find some replacement foods the day of

  10. Mr. Shine says:

    All the hate on this video, meanwhile I can’t get over the fact that this guy’s quirky and fun personality made the video entertaining. Not to mention that he looks like a really thin Tom cruise ?

  11. Lily A. says:

    I’m sorry but this episode reminds me of my brother’s friend in high school who came over for a family bbq. My stepmom asked him if he liked bbq ribs and the guy was like oh yeah they’re delicious. Then we all sat down to eat and he’s like “So I’m vegetarian…..”

    • Walt Shuman says:

      +SPLBeast “Unfortunately, we were told that Max would be eating the items we had chosen for this episode…” That’s exactly was happened.

    • SPLBeast says:

      +Walt Shuman they were told by someone who obviously didnt know ? doesnt mean he said he eats meat. Why you quoting a highlighted comment anyways.

    • SPLBeast says:

      +Walt Shuman max never said , yeah wings are delicious Lmao so pretty sure its not exactly what happend?

    • Walt Shuman says:

      +SPLBeast Well, from your comments I assumed you had not read that comment. I was trying to shed some light on how far over your head the OP statement was. I also have no idea how wings got placed in this, but ok. If you’ll refer back to the pinned comment you’ll see that someone representing Max said he would eat the items they had chosen. So unless GMM just lied about everything they were preparing Max knew meat was involved.

    • SPLBeast says:

      +Walt Shuman all i was saying is that they didnt start to max directly, they were told that max would be eating the food. The guys story was not the same :p i said wings as a example to the story. Musta went right over your head? need me to explain more ?

  12. The weary writer says:

    Max wasn’t a bad guest. He was engaging and really funny! Besides his smile is infectious. I do feel like many of you all about the vegetarian thing. But maybe the crew wasn’t informed of his eating choices. None of us REALLY know what goes on behind the scenes. Either way it isn’t the end of the world like y’all are making it. Max was fun, food looked gross, Rhett and Link calling themselves daddy. It’s like any other day in gmm

  13. Alzorl says:

    Worst episode to have this guy on. Like seriously, do better research. Make the episode unique to the guest to make it feel like they were there for a reason. Not to just be off camera and in the background the whole time. Waste of time.

  14. E Rico says:

    Ok, we know GMM messed up on this episode, we don’t need your full-length analysis on why they did. Just watch the video

    • the invisible me says:

      Why do you assume it was GMM fault, don’t you think he might have said he was vegetarian beforehand?

    • E Rico says:

      the invisible me either way, people are making it a big deal over nothing really, its all fun and games at the end of the day isn’t it?

    • Jarret Baldwin says:

      E Rico ^^^Also, these guys almost flawlessly deliver us entertainment on a daily basis. After 14 seasons, they deserve a little leniency!

    • TheGirlWithGlasses says:

      Read the pinned comment , GMM asked if he had any dietary restrictions, the guest didn’t say he was vegetarian until he showed up.

  15. David Fields says:

    I think perhaps the producer who booked this guest didn’t[‘t do their homework ahead of time.  I think the Vegetarian thing was something they learned last minute after the plan was already in place and perhaps after the guest was already in studio.  It seems awkward for sure. The guys are generally quite accepting and I think they would have been accommodating had they been aware ahead of time.  This one blind-sided them and they had to “go with the flow” just to get the thing shot.  Sorry Max.  Hopefully you can come back on again some time when they are not playing with meat.  You likely would have had more to contribute on a show with a diferent topic.

  16. Mallorie Louann says:

    I’m sure “Fry Daddy” was one of Rhett’s nicknames in high school.

  17. jman415 says:

    Oh boy. Comments section is going to be flaming today

  18. Good Mythical Morning says:

    Unfortunately, we were told that Max would be eating the items we had chosen for this episode, after we had specifically asked for any dietary restrictions, and it wasn’t until he was seated on set that we were informed otherwise. We always strive to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable. Max made the decision that he wanted to proceed with the episode, and we all had a great time. Thanks to Max for being a great guest, and thank you for understanding. -Rhett & Link

    • Multi Blessed says:

      awwhh… yes you guys are always considerate, so I found this a bit out of the ordinary. I am glad you related this to us. You are excused, these things happen.

    • Anastasia Busacco says:

      I didnt even really notice he wasnt. He was engaged the whole episode regardless

    • iDrkTV says:

      At that point, you should have just paid him for the appearance, then filmed without him. Would have saved you the like/dislike ratio sinking because of the final product with him in it.

    • Lara - says:

      The minority of youtubers who actually reply to the fans ?

    • Henry Thompson says:

      Good Mythical Morning yeah I would hope this is the case. Otherwise it was just super poorly thought out ?.

  19. leo davinci says:

    Oh gods, people need to stop bothering the gmm crew about ” not caring about vegetarians” . If they were to actually read the top comment( from gmm) they would know that it was a big miscommunication mistake. From the agent of the guest, they didn’t know until he sat down. It was a mistake, they owned up to it, apologized for how it looks, and thats it. Move on, find something else to complain about.

  20. Randyy1 says:

    If what GMM commented here is true, this guy might want to find a new agent

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