From a Life of Crime to One of the Most Prolific Actors of All Time Danny Trejo’s Prison Break

From a Life of Crime to One of the Most Prolific Actors of All Time Danny Trejo’s Prison Break

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→How “Dick” came to be short for ‘Richard’:

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While Danny Trejo might not be a name as many people would recognise as say, Tom Cruise, with over 300 film credits to date since his acting debut in the mid-1980s, not to mention his distinctive hard-as-nails look, he’s certainly one of the more recongisable faces in Hollywood. Unlike most, however, Danny’s trail to becoming one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood began in prison while facing “three gas-chamber [worthy] offences”.

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19 Responses

  1. ItzUberz says:

    Always knew the uncle of Spy Kids was a drug addict.

  2. Paralyzer says:

    Loved him in con air as the rapist Johnny 23, one heart for each woman he had raped haha Then cyrus says to him, if your Dick jump out from your pants you jump out from this plane ???

  3. L.I.A.L says:

    TIFO Why the Pink Panther is a mascot for a brand of Insulation

  4. Dr.StickFigure says:

    I’m sure Michael Scofield helped him escape

  5. Marc Scordato says:

    Redemption / what a wonderful example of a life redeemed.

  6. Domyras says:

    hoooly sh*t.
    I’ve got a new favorite actor. :v

  7. Javi Gurrol says:

    Simons voice is just as comforting as that cardigan looks.

  8. Nigel Perren says:

    Dusk till Dawn

  9. Raymond J says:

    and so another piece of shit makes it rich . do ya ever think WTF am i doing wrong ? it seems like all the ass holes make it rich why the hell is that if your a good person you live n die broke AF !

  10. Gevell Torturer says:

    What is better – to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort ?
    ~ Paarthurnax

  11. Keith Morgan says:

    It takes a lot of strength to change yourself. Trejo doesn’t just look tough. His soul is bulletproof.

  12. Dave Parrott says:

    Trejo has long been one of my favorite actors. Now I have even more respect for him. Thanks Simon.

  13. azdgariarada says:

    He’s seventy fucking two!!??!!

  14. David Buschhorn says:

    I worked with a Ukrainian kid. Mild Russian-sounding accent. He was leaning over a metal-banded pallet when he cut the band with some tin snips. The band whipped up and the sharp edge cut through his eyebrow and cheek.

    I told him, “Go to Hollywood RIGHT NOW. A guy with a Russian accent and *_that_* scar? That’s a GOLDEN injury!”

    He quit and started doing community theater. I seriously hope he makes good on that scar 🙂

  15. Jose Huerta says:

    Think about that for a second..Trejo is right.. Acting is just a job. but people still wanna go crazy when they see celebs out and about.

  16. Khoot Jenkins says:

    so you are telling he was never acting in the movies, he was just being himself?

  17. Erueti Foster says:

    That was the very best video you guys have done yet so much so I’m putting it on my playlist.

  18. aperson22222 says:

    One of the most prolific actors of all time? Really?

  19. burnforce says:

    I don’t know about “one of the most prolific actors of all time” but, an interesting story none the less.

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