Frozen Blackjack with Chris Evans

Frozen Blackjack with Chris Evans

Jimmy and Chris Evans compete in an icy twist on blackjack, where the loser of each round gets a pitcher of ice water funneled into their pants by the winner.

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Frozen Blackjack with Chris Evans

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20 Responses

  1. First Last says:

    white people, everyone.

  2. Jacob Prince says:

    we know what side Fallon is on. team iron man

  3. John Clavis says:

    hey, thanks, Chris Evans, for designing a game with very little visual
    payoff! we’re going to let you write all our bits from now on!

  4. Mildré Celene Jaramillo Mayta says:

    Chris tus hijos???

  5. THE HOLSTER KID says:

    People in California would be so mad 

  6. TheBombParadox BombParadox says:

    Never thought Cap was such a good sport! ?

  7. ZsaZsa Cruz says:

    Theres severe drought in cali, so all i could think of while watching this
    is, they’ve wasted water just for fun. ?

  8. kelly limaymanta says:

    This won’t be the last time I’ll see Chris this wet.

  9. GunMetalKiss says:

    Flame On!

  10. Super Eninja556 says:

    Caltain America: suriouse mature guy. Chris Evans: acts drunk/not suriouse
    at all.

  11. Hunter Feinman says:


  12. Juanita Otazua says:

    I don’t know who is luckier, the tube or the iced water

  13. Smith Nguyen says:

    he’s so so handsome

  14. Roger Castro says:

    you would think all of his time frozen would help prepare himself for

  15. sister patrick says:

    i don’t wike it

    just kidding fuck outta here sebby probably already sucked that dick

  16. Julliane Marie Tabar says:

    I was expecting your ” I don’t wike it ” ? but deym chris you’re hot ?

  17. Shannon C. says:


  18. Thaddeus Smarme says:

    this is strangely homoerotic.

    & I’m living for it.

  19. Sazerac says:

    I was waiting for Chris to go “Watch your language”…

  20. Leo Enduro says:

    It’s funnier when Jimmy loses