Frozen Ever After low light ride-through in Norway Pavilion at Epcot

Frozen Ever After low light ride-through in Norway Pavilion at Epcot

Journey to Arendelle to see Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more on Frozen Ever After, now open in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. Shot with a low light camera.


Anna and Elsa greet guests in the new Royal Sommerhus:
Frozen/Maelstrom Side by Side Comparison at Epcot:

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A stone archway entrance greets guests to the kingdom of Arendelle. Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, trolls and Marshmallow join them on their boat journey through the frozen willow forest, past Troll Valley and up to the North Mountain to Elsa’s ice palace.

This ride replaced the old Maelstrom attraction in the Norway Pavilion.

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20 Responses

  1. import26 says:

    It’s the exact same track as the Maelstrom! Different sets. Meh.

  2. Tuber Vision says:

    Those Animatronics!

  3. Samuel Quan says:

    the in summer part I want to see the full song performed by both Olaf and
    Elsa and Anna.

  4. psc10gaming says:

    what am i looking at? it looks like cgi but in real life, that’s awesome!

  5. heero75 says:

    Nice looking but was there a plot and action or is musical highlights of a
    movie enough now to be considered a ride now?

  6. Lapis Lazuli says:

    That’s a thing now?

  7. Bigbacon says:

    couldn’t even sit through the video. how boring.

  8. Brian the Pokémon master says:

    just wait until someone gets the nightshift

  9. Meow Mystery ·3· says:

    how do they move like that .-.

  10. 0Talal says:

    Wonderful!! can’t wait to see the Japanese Disneysea version

  11. okbutseriously says:

    also is this a water ride?

  12. djChives95 says:

    The animatronics were amazing, but the ride overall seemed pretty boring.

  13. sk8ingchamp says:

    The animatronics are AMAZING! I really do thank the people who posted this
    video, since it saved me 5 hours (300 minutes) of waiting in line to see
    what it is all about.

    It’s sort of funny how they kept the same boats as they had for Maelstrom
    (a classic favorite ride we would ride all the time! lol!)

  14. abi solo says:

    As much as I dislike the movie, this ride seems phenomenal.

  15. Luke Whitten says:

    why did they have to replace the Viking ride for this garbage?

  16. Herpaderp Le Green Giraffe (NERDEDEDE) says:

    The animatronics were good, but the songs weren’t good, the plot wasn’t
    good, and it deserves dislikes for singing let it go.

  17. grey alien says:

    I’m 41 and would love to be there. Course I have an unhealthy obsession
    with elsa. Sorry but God she is sooooo gorgeous

  18. KitsuKandy says:

    The animatronics were actually pretty good! So much improvemant with our
    technology that we make life-like animatronics with movement similar frkm
    the movie. I love these types of things; bringing animation to real life.

  19. Bruce Wayne says:

    Do you wanna learn bout Norway?
    Or a fictional country?
    We know an updates very overdo, we’ve always wanted to
    Take Epcot learning far away,
    We know you like the frozen
    And we like cash,
    We won’t have to explain why!
    Do you wanna learn bout Norway? Too bad, bye!

  20. Ella Elizabeth says:

    I loved the old canoe ride in norway smh