FULL Event: Donald Trump Addresses NAHB Board of Directors 8/11/16

FULL Event: Donald Trump Addresses NAHB Board of Directors 8/11/16

Thursday, August 11, 2016: Full replay of Donald Trump’s address to the National Association of Home Builders Board of Directors Meeting in Miami, FL at the Sparkle Ballroom at Fontainebleau Miami.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Addresses NAHB Board of Directors 8/11/16

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20 Responses

  1. Shaun Kenny says:

    From the UK. I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you get Donald Trump
    in the White House!!!

  2. hsmith says:

    starts @ 33:40 lads

  3. DCH Lakewood says:

    Very nice and calm speech today. I think I miss the more enthusiastic
    Trump speeches with roaring crowds. Still, I enjoyed this speech.

  4. vinniedisco7 says:

    He seems much more subdued.

  5. whut mcDonk says:

    Release your taxes.

  6. Travis Heinze says:

    What happens if America continues to heat up too much for growing crops, we
    will need to rely on the other countries to buffer our losses. America
    First will put our crop insurance at risk for another “potato famine” like
    Ireland suffered.

  7. Veremetrix says:

    Trump knows that the 20 trillion in debt was money created out of thin air
    by the private Federal Reserve, No more Federal than Federal Express! Fiat
    money that we don’t owe to anyone, because those families that own the
    Federal reserve, didn’t have the money to lend our gov’t in the first
    place!! They created it out of nothing. So why should we pay money back to
    them that they never had???!! It’s a YUGE scam!@!! Kennedy was on to the
    Fed, but was wacked because he knew the scam and was going to do something
    about it. These are different times and the alternative media and the fact
    that everyone has a cell phone with a camera, changes everything. Trump
    needs to go after the fraudulent bankster elite families that run the
    globe. He has the best protection than anyone in history. Why? Because the
    secret service and other law enforcement agencies like Trump because he
    respects them and they respect him. Trump needs to immediately purge the
    CIA from the top down. Then he needs to stop the NSA in it’s tracks! The
    Bush and Clinton crime families need to be brought to justice, as well.
    Good luck there!

  8. Blarney Stone says:

    Another day of TRUTH from Trump.

  9. MrGOZATELO says:


  10. Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

    1) Donald Trump states he is cast to play in the next Godzilla film.2)
    Donald Trump states Aung San Suu Kyi will be in her next cabinet.3) Donald
    Trump states he was sent to area 51 to meet and greet the Alien overlord4)
    Donald Trump states he will play in Broadway Cats in a special showing5)
    Donald Trump states Jesus came to him to have him nuke Canada6) Donald
    Trump states learn Ku Fu from Bruce lee7) Donald Trump states Chairman Mao
    was his favor Thunder Cats.8) Donald Trump states he can talk to trees and
    flower but not bushes.9) Donald Trump states Kim Jun ill will be invest in
    his timeshare10) Donald Trump states he really is a woman in her full
    bloom11) Donald Trump states he really just stop wearing underwear since
    197512) Donald Trump states GOP stand for God O’mighty’s Profit13) Donald
    Trump states he think being rich should have prima nocta14) Donald Trump
    states Drumpf was one of his old ideas being Adolf was the other. 15)
    Donald Trump states GOD was his creation and he copy right it.16) Donald
    Trump states he think internet is a bubble not a fad17) Donald Trump states
    all his worker is are contractors like uber drivers18) Donald Trump states
    the BO is really not from his feet but his mind19) Donald Trump states
    trust me, really just trust me, you’ll be rich…. Oh wait he really say
    that!20) Donald Trump states bible promoted incest so… you know

  11. vixapphire says:

    The timing of these commercial inserts is incredibly bad for fans of Trump
    but conveniently rob his biggest moments of their punch. Uncanny!

  12. David Clark says:

    If you need help, look on the end of your arm. TRUMP 2016.

  13. daniel brockman says:

    welp there goes our country!

  14. yesterchevys says:

    Great speech! Mr. President.

  15. Jillian Foley says:

    At least donald when he says somthing he means it he dont take mistakes

  16. A Singlton says:


  17. John Bates says:

    Donald Trump is mentally unfit to be president.

  18. tre coolio says:

    Donald trump 2016

  19. Jillian Foley says:

    I hope you say all this at ur debate

  20. Jillian Foley says:

    People are just afraid of change but somtimes change is good