Full Event: Donald Trump at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT 8/13/16

Full Event: Donald Trump at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT 8/13/16

Saturday, August 13, 2016: Full replay of the Donald Trump rally at the William H. Pitt Center at the Campus of Sacred Heart University. Live coverage begins at 7:30 PM ET.

Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT 8/13/16

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20 Responses

  1. Effemm Dee says:

    He didn’t hold back tonight! Great!

    Never Low Energy rallies.

  2. MachoTaco says:

    Lol I was there

  3. Kay KU says:

    235 different tax increases by Hillary’s way, no thanks Trump all the way,
    I want a better future for me and my family. Trump is the man for the job.
    All Hillary’s stats show is an increase in everything negative for the life
    and wellbeing of each and every one of us. If people are smart they will
    realize Trump has every American citizen’s back when it comes to everything
    vital for our fruition as humans and as a country combined. Trump thanks
    for running you will do well in november. no doubt.

  4. Makinja says:

    If the dis honest media keeps up their crap Trump may need to release the
    kracken on them lol,

  5. Mykill Myers says:

    destroy the NYT and CNN

  6. metal says:

    DONALD TRUMP THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE USA 2016!!!!!! Crooked Hillary is a
    big liar!!!!!!!!!!



  8. Ethercruiser1 says:

    He should not have said that he, “…might lie to the crowd, but never
    I know he was also joking, but again he should not have said, “Oh, you
    better elect me folks, or I’ll never speak to you again. Can you imagine
    how badly I’ll feel if I spent all of that money, all of this energy, all
    of this time & lost [the election]. I will never, ever forgive the people
    of Connecticut, I will never forgive the people of Florida & Pennsylvania &
    -These will probably be the headline news tomorrow, as the corrupt MSM
    fails to report anything else Trump said & took these words out of context.
    Maybe I’ll be wrong, but I’m afraid I might not be.
    -He was very correct in pointing out that his main enemy might be the
    biased MSM, not Hillary. If it were not for the biased MSM covering for her
    & ignoring all the bad things about her, Hillary with all her poor ethical,
    poor moral, poor past judgements & poor past performances would be toast

  9. P Meister says:

    My favorite DJT quotes:
    “We’re not Democrat, we’re not Republican, we want great government”
    “Americanism not Globalism, will be our credo!”

  10. Bob Bitchin says:

    TRUMP , if elected , will go down as the worst and stupidest president in
    the history of presidents . BELIEVE ME FOLKS IT’S TRUE !

  11. Eagle One says:

    Trump 44:36

  12. VeryAverageVA3 says:

    Donald Trump a bitch ass nigga

  13. Johnny .-. says:

    As i look thru the comments all i see is white trash and hill billies
    😂😂😂😂. He says the same thing over and over again. Stupid ass dump
    supporters lets see how you deal with ww3 when he becomes president 😂. And
    no im not Mexican im Australian so dont say that dumb ass shit.

  14. APatriot NowAwake says:

    now I don’t know if this is a feed problem where the screen went black or
    it’s just an arrogant cameraman that shut the visual off but I wouldn’t be
    surprised with this f****** media they’re all against Trump
    now me personally I’m 1 million percent for Trump and kick
    ( OBQMa ‘ s ASS ) out the door of the White House by his ass by the kitchen
    door because that’s what the non u.s. citizen deserves
    The minute that Obama’s ass is out of the White House charges should be
    brought to him for being a traitor, and there’s no one that could actually
    argue the point that he’s not. He is totally behind Isis and financing Isis
    through the Fast and Furious plan by shipping guns through Mexico to feed
    the al-Qaeda which is Isis

    Trump will overpower and Trump Will trump Hillary Clinton
    and when that happens he’s going to full force go after the Clinton
    Foundation, and when he gets the evidence of the daughters that was
    donating money for special interests and information through the state
    they will prosecute Hillary and Bill Clinton and put the Both in federal
    no matter how much money those assholes have , Bill and Hillary will be in
    federal prison by the end of 2017

    Donald J Trump will be on next 45th president

  15. Abagail Adams says:

    Funny how our feed gets censored as he is taking about the failure that is
    obamacare and paper headlines say something like “after hearing trump’s
    healthcare plan people rally for obamacare “. I don’t know anyone who’s is
    rallying for it.

  16. Dustin G says:

    44:44 Trump starts

  17. musictomyears8 says:

    Stronger border + 2nd Amendment = We are SAFER
    Lower taxes + Better trade deals = We become RICHER

    With Trump = Safer and Richer

  18. judoka187 says:

    Like a boss! What is appealing about Hillary? Notice that anyone you hear
    talking about supporting Trump has a brain between their ears and realizes
    that if it’s not Trump, then it will be Hillary. If you understand logic,
    Trump is the wiser choice. Hillary for President??? GTF outta here.
    Hillary is corrupt and a FRUAD. If she is elected, we will be cutting the
    balls right off of America.

  19. Jacob Alexander (Art by Jacob) says:

    He is his own SNL skit. I seriously love watching him just to laugh! Hahaha

  20. k noinho says:

    The Donald is on fire. SO much fun at his rallies.