Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Anaheim, CA (5-25-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Anaheim, CA (5-25-16)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Anaheim, CA (5-25-16)

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20 Responses

  1. riva2003 says:

    is that agent 47 in background?

  2. Hjhbih Ihbiub says:

    callopseing dollars 6 / 6 / 2016

  3. Mario Rodriguez says:

    heil trump

  4. Lydia Sarver says:

    what is that song played before and after the rally called?

  5. ender boy says:

    I hate Donald trump

  6. Richard Myers says:

    Mr Trump, PLEASE STOP CALLING THEM IMMIGRANTS! They are illegal aliens,
    they are criminals, not decent law-abiding people. You can’t start you’re
    American dream, being a criminal. They laugh at immigrants, and despise us.

  7. Noob Gaming And More says:

    dislike if u hate trump

  8. Palm Trees says:

    Latinos for Trump!!!! Trump 2016 and beyond.

  9. Zero Mil says:

    is that TITO ORTIZ? lol

  10. Turbo Jones says:

    Tears! Fricking LOVE THIS GUY! Biggest bad-ass on the planet will soon be
    our president!!!!

  11. Alex Hill says:

    I’m Muslim and I’ll vote for this guy before I vote for Hillary. Obviously
    I’m not happy with a number of things he’s said, but at least he doesn’t
    want to start any new wars and didn’t vote for the War in Iraq.

  12. Eight1Eighty2 says:

    Trumps mentality works in the streets because he’s mafia minded like a
    mafia boss. In politics the whole bully and big tough guy attitude does not
    work, though.

  13. Cowie Cowford says:

    I’m only voting for Trump because he’s better than Hilary and Bernie.

  14. Jazz Mang says:

    Room full of idiots

  15. MegaSirRichard says:

    When you hear someone say they’re a Trump supporter, you instantly know two
    things–they don’t read a newspaper, and they know nothing about Trump, if
    they knew anything about Trump, they sure wouldn’t being supporting that
    lowlife lying piece of scumbag shit!!! DUMP TRUMP!!!!

  16. Son OptimusGoku says:

    Was that Tito Ortiz over Trumps left shoulder?

  17. john atnip says:

    Is that Tito Ortiz in the background haha

  18. Shahrukh Sarbazi says:

    trump is evillll

  19. Johnny 5 says:

    People that hate America use violence, set things on fire, disobey the
    Police, and throw shit at Trump Rally’s.!!

  20. Kiko Yomomato says:

    viva trump