FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Jackson, MS 8/24/16

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Jackson, MS 8/24/16

Wednesday, August 24, 2016: Full replay of the Donald Trump for President rally in Jackson, MS at the Mississippi Coliseum.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Jackson, MS 8/24/16

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19 Responses

  1. SonOf Liberty says:

    Pastor Burns gave RSBN a nice shout out.

  2. Christoph Wilhelm says:

    Now this is what I call a rally, not like Crooked Hillary’s tired boring
    little gathering where like 10 people show up.

  3. Lesley Star Wars says:

    Another fantastic speech, Mr. Trump. Looking forward to having you as my,
    and our, President. Love and respect.

  4. Tallaias says:

    1:36:21 Trump turns around, claps, and SAVAGES Clinton!

  5. Perry Andrew says:

    *“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”* ― George
    Bernard Shaw
    Vote: *TRUMP – PENCE 2016*

  6. Stan Daman says:

    Best Trump by far. Reminds me of the stupid mic he did not pay for.

  7. Villager of SmashVille says:


  8. Footballstore UK says:

    what a missed opportunity, trump should have done this since may he could
    be +30 points maybe it’s too late let’s see

  9. martha hello says:

    RSB – I´m in Brazil and love Trump – I watch all the rallies through your
    broadcasting… I noticed that some pirates are hacking you — love your
    notes on this broacasting pointing them out… those people are losers…
    you´re the original and we know it… For the other rallies, make sure you
    get us the preshow like you did for this one. Sometimes you guys start too
    late – we like to see the behind the scenes, the venues getting full etc —
    also show more crowds footage! Today was perfect! Thank you so much for ou
    own cameras and images – we feel like we are there! Keep up the good work!

  10. JMGAMING says:

    Canada for Trump!

  11. Roy Koshy says:

    Very honest and pursuasive speech. God BLESS Donald TRUMP.

  12. Victor T (RandomPatriot) says:

    Nigel Farage gives me great hope!

  13. Charles Miller says:

    Thank you RSB, I only come here now for Trump. Thank you for the links to
    the best stuff too. Pastor Mark Burns is ON FIRE! 54:32 Nigel Farage is
    amazing. Donald Trump is leading a movement!

  14. Bernard Goonting says:

    Trump is the real deal.
    Hilary is a lying crook – bought and paid for.
    Obama huh, the worst POS to be ever elected POTUS. The worst piece of

  15. karlsonkab51 says:

    Haaretz says a 95% Chance of Crooked Hillary Winning ….

  16. Tanish Kumar says:


  17. saundra kessler says:

    So where’s all the trump supporters that are fighting? I came to see all
    the nastiness I heard his supporters were doing?

  18. Leann Wilson says:

    How many people here are not covered with health insurance? Obamacare is
    killing us big time , it’s so costly it’s killing me .. My friends are sick
    and are paying 6,000 a month from 350 before Obamacare, insurance is gone
    that’s affordable, illegals are free , they got Obamacare free but yet
    disabled Americans are screwed ..

  19. Leann Wilson says:

    Please vote Trump please ..????????