Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Raleigh, NC (7-5-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Raleigh, NC (7-5-16)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Raleigh, NC at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts – Raleigh Memorial Auditorium.

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Raleigh, NC (7-5-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Donna Hyde says:

    get rid of chemtrails,harrp,and crern

  2. pastor james pringle says:

    that was a ridiculous question

  3. Alec Dacyczyn says:

    The obvious course of action now is to find some people who WERE prosecuted
    for mishandling classified information and trot then only to stage during
    one of his rallies. Have them tell their story about what they did wrong
    and what punishment befell them. Establish a context in the minds of the
    votes in which to view Hillary and what it has been shown she did, and
    contrast that with his guest speakers. Reshape this to put Hillary in the
    camp of the “Afflienza” teen, that guy who got only six months for rape,
    and the “two-tier justice system” in general. Remind African-American
    voters of how a rich white kid can get off with a few month probation for
    drug possession while a poor black kid get sent to county jail. Then ask
    these voters of Hillary is the person to address the issues they care
    about, namely institutional injustice.
    Trump can get a lot out of this development if he spins it right.

  4. Bill West says:

    I think Hillary Clinton and Obama are saying this is ours and you are never
    going to take it away. If the GOP doesn’t get behind Trump and get
    aggressive…the people will with their votes!

  5. J. B. Bost says:

    1:13:00 For Trump

  6. Ahmed Ageed says:

    ترامب ٢٠١٦

  7. Pablo Cruz says:

    Mexican for trump

  8. 1789shane1 says:

    I love this opening speaker, who is he? he pumps me up

  9. skateboardbeast says:

    He obviously said we need to take care of our black communities and give
    job’s to Hispanics who don’t have job’s, so how is he racist?

  10. DaBiqShot says:

    trump is the man with the plan

  11. Puppet Master says:

    We need Trump!! Trump Trump Trump 2016! This is the most important election
    of our lifetime people please take advantage of this opportunity and help

  12. studd11 says:

    4,037 Patriots with Thumbs up, and only 178 TORIES with thumbs down. Trump
    in landslide come November. Then Hillary will go into seclusion and commit
    suicide, and Bill will die of heart disease following year. Obama will flee
    to Dubai, Nancy Pelosi jailed and stripped of all the money she stole,
    Jerry brown overthrown in California and the total and complete
    annihilation of leftist liberals in this country. They will never rise

  13. SpringIsBACK says:

    I was watching a news article (on NBC, I think) a couple days ago, about
    the popularity of Harley Davidson motorcycles, in China. There is actually
    a significant group of potential customers for Harley, in China, but after
    the tariffs, taxes, regulations, and so on, the cost of a Harley in China
    is TRIPLE the cost in the USA, according to NBC. This is hardly “Free
    Trade”, and is a small sample of the trade B.S. that Trump says he will
    end. It would be a perfect example for him to pick up on, too. :-)

  14. jeanne sullivan says:

    Anyone voting for Hillary doesn’t deserve to be called an American Trump

  15. Alan Ng says:

    Exposed con-man Trump is terrified that Obama just simply
    kick Trump’s irresponsible nonsense talking out.

  16. Kubloo says:

    Just ignore the media and everyone around you. Put your fingers in your
    ears and scream as loud as you can. Lol

  17. pilgrim 777 says:

    I sure hope there’s a better recording somewhere on the Web because whoever
    did this one just got out of recording kindergarten.

  18. bjfdog says:

    “I Can’t Hear nobody “. You have my vote!

  19. JUDAH144k says:

    ” The numbers r in, and we’re doing well” No!! what does his numbers say?
    that’s the ????? Again not slick enough to fool me.. I smell a car
    salesman, or a blood sucking lawyer mentality….