Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Sacramento, CA (6-1-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Sacramento, CA (6-1-16)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Sacramento, CA at Sacramento International Jet Center.

Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Sacramento, CA (6-1-16)

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19 Responses

  1. iggy082 says:

    Lots of delusional fools on here. Reality check: Trump (or his ridiculous
    hair) will NOT get to play president. Idiots!

  2. Schmadder says:

    Go Trump!
    Support from Germany

  3. females4 TRUMP says:


  4. Rupert Murdoch says:

    Donald Trump is the worst thing ever to happen to the US. Anyone who
    disagrees, tell me why you like him and I will explain why all of that is
    wrong and why Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. I think
    the most important thing in the world I could do with my free time right
    now is to educate Trump supporters about why they are wrong about
    everything in life.

  5. Squddy Wap says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald was born at the wrong time in history 😔

  6. anthony green says:

    Muslim for trump

  7. Maloney Bologna says:

    Despite its impressive length, it’s a nimble navigator… And some can be
    HIGHLY venomous.

  8. Alex Boothby (waswaswas) says:

    Hillary for the big house
    Bernie for the nut house
    Trump for the Whitehouse

  9. XxCrystalxNethxX says:

    Trump rallies… Where angry racist retards unite and riot.

  10. Calamansi Party- FREE Tropical Advice says:

    6:21 Trump takes it in the butt.

  11. doitee52 says:

    Best candidate EVER!

  12. Richard Myers says:

    Los Angeles, and San Francisco, will not be able to carry Clinton or
    Sanders. The majority of the California population live in the counties.
    Trump will take (ALL) of the counties. I have old Navy friends who still
    live in California, and they inform me that their entire county communities
    are voting for Trump, or at least considering him. This is going to be the
    biggest rebellion, since our first REVOLUTION. Navy veterans for Trump!

  13. Vagian Tuerous says:

    Donald Trump is but one of the identities the God-Emperor has chosen in his
    stride across the ages before revealing his true self in the
    distant archaeofuture. The faithful should know this.

  14. Michael Lordier says:

    The energy at this rally was amazing! and the number of protesters was very
    low. Me and brother both went and left with tremendous pride and hope. Go

  15. John Doe says:

    TRUTH HURTS MAINSTREAM the bitch is we all know its true

  16. T SD says:

    Fake Trump University, burning more coal, and murdering the families of
    terrorists. Trumps a LOSER!

  17. Taco_MrHoorhay says:


  18. ytrebiLeurT says:

    At 5:05 or so a Fly or something bumped against his Cap, lol that was funny
    No, i like him :)

  19. phantomlord1981 says:

    It’s the gathering of the retards …