Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Las Vegas, NV (6-18-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Las Vegas, NV (6-18-16)

Saturday, June 18, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Las Vegas, NV at Mystère Theater at Treasure Island. .

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally/Speech in Las Vegas, NV (6-18-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Melanie Splendora says:

    Hillary Clinton is a career criminal. She abuses power and authority. For
    years it is not the US, it is her interests, her bank account, not the
    welfare of American citizens. Money and power is all she cares about, not
    women, not citizens.

  2. scorpio3749 S says:

    The Bullshit rally Presents the loser…………………………….

  3. Penelope Gray says:

    Crooked Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie

  4. Tony Miller says:

    Wow you Trump supporters are truly blind puppets. Don’t you hear all the
    bluster and lies? He’s had that same routine of bragging, lying, saying I
    love you, pointing his finger at the audience, just total BS. He’s the most
    uneducated egotistic wacko that ever ran for office. I’m not rallying for
    anyone but Trump would be a major embarrassment to the country. I realize
    you people are never going to see that. So maybe the best lesson for us is
    to see what happens if he wins. He’d be impeached in his first term. Go

  5. Chris Vishugh says:

    Hitlery Rotten Cliton for prison.

  6. Chester Micek says:

    What a schmuck! I can’t believe he said, “That’s what it takes. It’s about
    teamwork!” Here’s why Donald Trump is a complete buffoon: 1) Pumpkin Head
    Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico. That will never
    happen because Ford, Nabisco, Trump suits, Ivanka Trump dresses, Johnson
    Controls, etc all manufacture in Mexico and their stooges in the US
    Congress would never vote to pay for something that their corporate bosses
    don’t want. 2) We’re broke. Google the US Debt Clock and confirm that we
    are $19.2 trillion dollars in debt. We can’t afford to build the wall Trump
    is fantasizing, and Mexico will never pay for it because the American
    Corporations that manufacture in Mexico will just say “No” to Trump’s crazy
    idea. For those of you who don’t know what is going on, a US President
    executes the laws that Congress passes. The Republican Stooges in Congress
    would never pass such a law because the Koch Brothers and other major
    reelection contributors would tell their puppets to vote “No.” No tickie,
    no shirtie; no Congressional mandate, no executive action. “It’s about
    teamwork!” Horse manure. It’s about understanding that we are $19.2
    trillion dollars in debt and we don’t have time for bullshit.

  7. -Tom - says:

    Dump Trump

  8. Dag Nabbit says:

    Trump 2016!!!!!!

  9. Product Video Review says:

    If Donald Trump losses this election the powers at be will lock this voting
    process down like you have never seen, There’s no way they will ever come
    up against someone like Trump ever again. Steve Miller is dam right, We
    have to make sure Donald Trump is elected president, Bottom line, Our
    freedom and way of life depends on it.

  10. Dark Enkil says:

    What a comedy show…..

  11. Waren Wren says:

    1:05:10 Mr.Trump is correct !! I was at the rally in Houston & it was
    Massive , helicopters were everywhere thank you Mr.Trump for coming to

  12. Beth Virginia Phillips says:

    Trump WILL be the 45th U.S. President. God love him.

  13. Derek Diaz says:

    Trumppppppp! 2016!!

  14. mindexit says:

    Trump is the people’s CHAMPION!

  15. Product Video Review says:

    Donald Trump will bring sanity back to America.

  16. John Sinclair says:

    Y’all, it’s gonna be Juicy!

  17. Mark Lo says:

    The people who are voting for Trump are poorly educated

  18. Mark Lo says:

    The people who are voting for Trump are poorly educated

  19. Anne Pham says: