Full Event: Donald Trump Town Hall in Tampa, FL with Sarah Palin/Chris Christie (3-14-16)

Full Event: Donald Trump Town Hall in Tampa, FL with Sarah Palin/Chris Christie (3-14-16)

Monday, March 14, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a town hall event in Tampa, FL at the Tampa Convention Center. He was joined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Full Event: Donald Trump Town Hall in Tampa, FL with Sarah Palin/Chris Christie (3-14-16)

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19 Responses

  1. Bush Madness says:

    Big Mistake with that incompetent blow hard Christie!! PHuck you Fatso!!

  2. fkujakedmyname says:

    trump supporters = NAZI HOUSE NIGGERS

  3. Bush Madness says:

    Christie has a job! Go back to work you fat POS!!

  4. Bush Madness says:

    Fatso is a sure fire way for Trump to lose!! Get rid of him!!!

  5. dubbleplus says:

    Donald has his brown shirts remove anyone who boos him or asks him hostile
    questions. He would like to sue the press if it is a story he deems
    inflammatory…what niceties will he bring as President…Winston?

  6. GamerZapocalypse says:

    Now I understand why Trump isn’t talking about the debt-based Federal
    Reserve Notes we all use as “money”.
    It’s all part of his business portfolio…he luvs banks and debt-based

  7. IUNFE says:

    The Donald is a low energy cuck who does horrible horrible deals and won’t
    make America great again.

  8. Kevin L says:

    Right winged trash!!! All of them. Enjoy the party now losers, because it
    all ends in November.

  9. kaybronson100 says:

    anti-trump non whites are racist towards whites.

  10. Sid Vicious says:

    I legit thought someone had dubbed over the video when Palin comes out
    because of how idiotically cartoon like she sounds

  11. ola k ase XD XD says:


  12. Seniors Penname says:

    TRUMP is right for today’s challenges and tomorrows solutions. Informed
    American voters know TRUMP’s proposals will address America’s domestic and
    international challenges.
    The only thing voters know about every other candidate is that they have a
    hate on for TRUMP. Whose fault is that!

  13. pen dem says:

    It’s Trump Mania!!!!

  14. holoholo haole no ka oi says:

    my friends that were “feelin’ the Bern” just watched this with me, and with
    a straight face said “i’m voting TRUMP” i spilled a little beer on their
    forehead and welcomed them onboard the Trump Train.

  15. gevse says:

    audio’s all f’d up

  16. Morten Kalland says:

    1:33:08 Trump sier Norske skolen er en god rollemodell

  17. Bruni says:

    I probably should just subscribe to this channel. All their videos are in
    trending anyway.

  18. muy griz says:

    Vote for deez nutz
    Free nutz for ever1

  19. Debbie Doud says:

    What’s wrong with the sound?