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51 Responses

  1. dimitra says:

    Can you keep doing these types of videos? I find it easier to relate because I don’t have the money to buy lot’s of expensive make up.

  2. Macy Jo White says:

    She works for Morphe, she LIKES Morphe. She can talk about them as much as she wants too. Y’all so crazyyy

  3. Allie McClellan says:

    Everyone wants Jaclyn to post more vids.. yet they tear her down in the comments every time she posts. Let her live her life and stop being so hateful.

    • LaLa Carroll says:

      Allie McClellan AMEN ? My thoughts exactly!!! I love love Jaclyn, I will never understand why people leave such hateful comments about her??!! She is so incredibly strong ?? I know that I wouldn’t be able to continue to post videos and content when people hiding behind their keyboards leave such hateful words!!! I love her videos, I love her spirit and I admire how strong she is!!! ✨?

    • Carrie Kup says:

      Preach it!

    • Nicole Miller says:

      Exactly my point

    • Curlentina Rodriguez says:

      This video felt more like a Pix brand review. I would habe loved to see more drugstore brands instead of using so many Pix products ?

    • Gbaby Glam says:

      Allie McClellan l

  4. D D says:

    Hi Jaclyn, So glad to see you back and I hope we get to see a whole lot more of you. If I had a 1/4 of your energy and zest for life I would forever be so grateful. So keep these videos coming please, you are lovely as always <3 xoxo

  5. Jessica Martin says:

    I bet jaclyn just sits and laughs at all these horrible comments, so petty. Morphe is the company she works for so she will be promoting it and why shouldn’t she it’s an amazing brand with affordable make up. I just don’t understand the hate tbh. It’s all jealousy, well done jax on another amazing video ?❤️

  6. Margaret Jane C says:

    You need to try the Maybelline lemonade craze palette. It’s so good!!!

    • RebelRoseAngel says:

      Hmm is it super pigmented? I may have to run to target today lol

    • Margaret Jane C says:

      RebelRoseAngel some of the shadows are super pigmented and some aren’t. However it’s blends and builds like a dream. It’s a great everyday palette!

  7. Chocolate Perfume says:

    I know ppl r getting triggered by her mentioning morphe in every single video, but I LOVVVE it….get those ppl triggered honey!!???

  8. Chocolate Perfume says:

    That concealer sucks…its not anywhere NEAR tartes one, idk why ppl r so hyped up about it

    • Chocolate Perfume says:

      +Elle Taylor idk bout that sponge thing….u can buy individually girl

    • Jessica Patriquin says:

      I hated shape tape haha

    • Karen Baker says:

      Elle Taylor Yes, actually you are right. I forgot you have to buy it with the sponge. The other downside to buying it from QVC is that they only have about 6 shades, when Tarte actually make about 30. Tarte does ship to the UK from their website, but shipping costs and customs taxes really bump the price up (I learned that the hard way when Sephora used to ship to the UK). I wish I could get on board with Shape Tape. I really wanted to love it.

    • Karen Baker says:

      Jessica Patriquin Glad I wasn’t the only one! I literally felt like the only person in the world that hates Shape Tape. I really want to love it, but I find it really thick, heavy and drying. It also wears off my face in a really weird way. Probably the worst concealer I have ever tried.

    • Jessica Patriquin says:

      +Karen Baker yeah i found it wayyy too thick and drying, i use a drug store concealer and love it

  9. Samantha Murphy says:

    Yes please do a blending video!!!?

  10. Jennifer Nottingham says:

    Your palette is probably the best palette I own ! Seriously whatever you do, MAKE. SOME. MORE.

  11. Madi Forbes says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say all drugstore eyeshadow palettes are bad when you only tried such a small amount, I’ve tried some really good drugstore palettes

  12. Simon Cowell says:

    14:21 Why did her “hello” remind me of that cake face mask scene in Mrs. Doubtfire

  13. kandykanemakeup says:

    The MR concealer did the exact same thing on me…. and i was so dissapointed…. i def dont think its worthy of being called a dupe for tarte shape tape

  14. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Do a video on Morphes worst products 🙂

  15. Haley says:

    Morphe is a phenomenal brand. I don’t understand why people give Jaclyn such a hard time.

  16. Tiffanie Freed says:

    Legit that concealer creases a lot, I use it and I have to mix it with tart because it creases even with setting powder. She is doing a REVIEW. She’s allowed to give her OPINION! She does talk about morphe a lot because she likes it, just like If your friend asks you what you recommend you’ll give them your opinion but it doesn’t always work out for the same people. My best friend and I use the same concealer and it looks perfect on her and creases on me. Get over yourselves And if you don’t like hearing her talk about Morphe or her pallets or you don’t want to hear her opinion, stop watching her videos and leaving comments that are completely unnecessary. I’ve never had a problem with the things she’s recommended, I’ve always tried everything with a reminder in the back of my mind NOT EVERYTHING WORKS THE SAME WITH EVERYONE. Love Jaclyn

  17. Talia Voider says:

    I don’t know who the hell recommended the pixi and makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes but Milani is completely out of their league. ?

  18. Smithy Sony says:

    Jaclyn try wet n wild 12 pan eyeshadows and milani 12 pan eyeshadows… then you will start loving drugstore shadows.. and try flower beauty concealers

  19. -ASMK- - says:

    “Eyeshadows are not that hard to develop” uhhh vault collection? not hate though?

    • babbbysweetpea says:

      -ASMK- – she said shimmer eye shadows are not hard to develop. Not every eyeshadow in general.

    • Meg L says:

      +babbbysweetpea no she said both and said especially shimmer. But legit my vault is bad

    • Jesse Gabrys says:

      Meg L So is mine! I emailed Morphe & they told me to return it to Ulta (where I bought them)…

    • Makeupbymandyb says:

      I did a first impression of the Vault and honestly……I sorta expected it to be horrible because of what everyone said…. but i loved all of them. I’m neither a huge fan, nor a hater of JH. I’m a makeup artist that loves makeup and thankfully… mine are great. I feel badly for those that didn’t get the same formula because the good ones are REALLY good.

  20. Laura Tunkavige says:


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