Full Fauci: ‘The Numbers Don’t Tell Us Yet’ If Virus Spread Is Blunted | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Fauci: ‘The Numbers Don’t Tell Us Yet’ If Virus Spread Is Blunted | Meet The Press | NBC News

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, joins Meet the Press to talk about the government’s response to the coronavirus.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Fauci: ‘The Numbers Don’t Tell Us Yet’ If Virus Spread Is Blunted | Meet The Press | NBC News

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102 Responses

  1. kamhong says:

    If they did not have the virus in Europe , they are now surely catch it on the plane on their way back to the USA .

  2. C C says:

    BLUNTED! we haven’t even tested 5k yet. Jesus H catch up

    • Rena Wong says:

      Blunted! I think this doc is on gag order.

    • Sylvester Puddy-Tat says:

      @Brian Waller how do you know the us will be hit harder.

    • Brian Waller says:

      @Sylvester Puddy-Tat several factors all will play a role. 1 government’s incompetence, 2 people’s ignorance to this, 3 about 66% of the population has either a comprised immune system, elderly, severely overweight and/or drug use, 4 an overwhelmed medical system will make very survivable injuries or illnesses deadly as heart attack victims won’t get timely medical attention same for car accidents or crime victims. Italy is no facing a situation were medical professionals have to decide who they help and who they let fate decide their outcome because they simply cannot help everyone. 5 MOST IMPORTANT THE UNITED STATES HAS 6 TIMES THE POPULATION so we are inevitably going to be hit hard

    • logan lin says:

      It’s more than that but even if it was 4 times that amount, THE USA HAS 333 MILLION PEOPLE. The USA is the 3rd most populous nation in the world. So even 10 times that amount would not be enough.

    • Samma Vitae says:

      I think he’s saying take a blunt and ride the curve.

  3. Blue Turtle says:

    OK, so you get home but then you have to go SHOPPING to get food for 2-weeks.

  4. min liu says:

    It is smart to be more serious than not since the virus is asymptotic transmissible and 2-week incubation time. You don’t want to be reactive, you need to be proactive.

    • J Baldwin says:

      Lars Jones China has actually already confirmed that there’s two versions of this virus. It has mutated. There’s one milder version and the other is a more severe version.

    • Steph W says:

      @Lars Jones Your right, that was from a CDC briefing 2 days ago. But they are learning more everyday. There is a possibility they think that this could be airborn. They are also finding that some people under 50 are contracting it and don’t know yet if the virus is mutating.

    • Lars Jones says:

      @Steph W Honestly. I have a high fever, so I might lose track of the conversation brother. Track the trimers and dimers in a single case. One strand RNA mutates very quickly. The 10 feet tall and bulletproof man of yesterday is no longer safe, is that karma? I deal with facts and numbers, not religion. I like to be informed and I do my own mathematics.Honestly, there are a lot of conversations and I don’t even see the page we started talking on. If you are tellingme (from my reference memory) thatthe US CDC is now counting a CFR of 3.4% that’s huge right? H1N1 was 0.01 so your numbers tell me this is 34x as deadly. MY numbers tell me it is 50x more deadly than swine flu. Be well, be smart, be as safe as you can be I wouldn’t wish this on anybody

    • Steph W says:

      @Lars Jones Me neither, I have asthma and chronic bronchitis age 62. So I’m trying to stay informed and isolate as much as possible. The numbers change daily. I do know the more they test, they expect the numbers to go up.

    • Lars Jones says:

      @Steph W Of course, brother. I am much like you, but tonight I have the chills, a headache, and gastro. Pretty sure I’m down with it. I wanted to share a way for common sense 8th grade math to cut through the BS and I came up with 5%, for whatever that’s worth. Thanks for asking. Our demographic is surrently 13-40% so keep the hope alive

  5. jdhdh hdbbdk says:

    there’s no testing in my town yet… but how did they confirm two cases where i’m at.
    A lot of people i know have the cold… i’m staying away from them until further notice…

    • Vanessa Smith says:

      jdhdh hdbbdk most states have a very limited number of tests and they reserve them for people will really obvious and usually severe symptoms.

    • Major StinkEye says:

      Same in my area, presumptive cases are sent to the CDC with a long wait time for definite results. Many people I know who have developed viral pneumonia have been refused tests with excuses ranging from: it costs $3500 out of pocket, insurance plans don’t cover it, you will have to be isolated while waiting for results, we can treat the bacterial secondary infection, take these antibiotics & steroids. We will never know the true extent of the outbreak.

  6. Michael Rouppas says:

    We will never know the truth on how many people contract this virus.

    • Tom UK says:

      @Rachel Gibson Same here in UK where are you?

    • Debbie Muller says:

      @Rachel Gibson thank god i found you on this site, you are calming my anxiety too. I keep telling myself God doesn’t need me yet! 😁 You’re right that the craziness will be more pronounced in the coming days. I remember my brother guarding our house with a rifle during the aftermath of hurricane Andrew in the 90s. I am binging on cranberry sauce, elderberry supplements and raw garlic waiting for Boris to show up at my window. Then I laugh at myself. 15 years ago i came across a medical article possibly mayo clinic where they were studying the effects of cranberries to inhibit bacteria/fungi/virus from attaching to the host’s gutt, stomach, till the foreign invader could be shedded from the body. I applied that principle to my feline friends who were issued a death sentence by the vet due to penlucapenia (spelling off, a worse virus than this covd19). All the pets lived even the ones close to death. I looked this up again and found that the university of Florida is picking up the research. So hopefully some young genius out there right now has the answer. In the meantime I continue making my stinky smoothies. I think there are scientist looking at the attributes of medicinal zinc too. That’s what we should be discussing here not politics and pointing fingers.

    • addicted2youtub says:

      That is very true but…we have to collect the numbers.

    • Alfred Nueman says:

      @@Eric Fical- Great reply to him, Eric. Just fantastic. !!

    • Hi Hi says:

      I could have had the virus, I had the “flu”, then pnemonia about a month ago. I never got a test for it, so it could have been that. No testing was available here at that time. It was weird, I’ve never had pnemonia.
      Edit: I had the exact symptoms of fever, cough, and pnemonia.

  7. J emsp says:

    Well, hurry up before we run out of toilet paper…

  8. Kiniferus Xj says:

    This NBC anchor did a great job…seriously he asked great questions…👍👍

  9. ottokern1001 says:

    Fun fact: no testing = disease successfully blunted

  10. American made says:

    Never in my life have I ever seen toilet paper sales go through the roof to serve a upper respiratory virus. S.M.H.

    • Luke's Broken Legacy says:

      Cuz people are preparing for a lockdown in their states. Here in Ohio our governor told us 2 weeks ago to start building up a 30 day supply of necessities, after they closed the schools things got crazy here. Before that shopping wasnt bad, except purel.

    • tommy Mc Weedface says:

      @Sumo B got a 12 pack yesterday. Because I live on a kinda isolated hill 25 miles from the city.And I don’t want to go back to town in 2 weeks when it could be worse. Im 63 and already have a blood mutation that really lowers my resistance. I’m gonna stock up a little more when my SS comes in and lay low up here. Sorry to ramble.

    • Jami Bennett says:

      Jodie Woodrow according to stats that is very rare

    • Jojo Chen says:

      I always thought that I’d pay with gold coins when social order breaks down…
      …I was wrong, toilet paper is going to be the new currency…

    • claire bigelow says:

      i know… doesnt make a lick of sense to me……RESPIRATORY…that means the lungs.. NOT your colon !!!! its just stupid !!!!!!

  11. Angelika Hemker says:

    “Everybody’s got to get himself involved in distancing themselves socially.”
    That’s hard, but it is the one most important thing that anybody can do. By minimizing social contacts you can at least slow down the spread of the virus.

  12. mercenaryfifer says:

    Correction: there are schools closing in Indiana. Just FYI.

    • Innis Mor says:

      That universal health care (and a system designed to deliver it) …. not sounding all that bad suddenly.
      Scorecard (Mar 15th): USA = 62 dead; Canada = 1 dead (an 82 year old with pre-existing conditions). USA trumping Canada, bigly.

    • addicted2youtub says:

      MD closes all schools from Monday.

    • Slv4D says:

      Michelle Misir
      I have 2 of my kids that attend I.U.
      Friday was their last day of school for ‘a few weeks. Schools won’t be open for months. They will do online courses.

    • claire bigelow says:

      ALL public and private schools in Washington State are closed as well….till April 24th 2020

    • L. Beebe says:

      Schools are clossed here in Massachusetts

  13. Jay Collector says:

    America needs to WAKE UP and practice social distancing!!! THIS IS NO JOKE!!!

  14. Wang Minhua says:

    Shutdown everything, test as much as possible, separate suspicious, mild and severe cases in different location, treatment respectively, period.

  15. macey falls says:

    everything needs to be shut down and bills need to stop. this is ridiculous.

    • Michelle Iozzia says:

      @Debbie Muller lol i agree thank you for your reply. “Breaths a sigh of relief”

    • Aco Jankovic says:

      Numbers are going to skyrocket once they can test every person instead of check list ! To little to late .. All of Congress is responsible both sides for allowing this in 2020 .

    • claire bigelow says:

      @Michelle Iozzia in Washington State..the Mayor of Seattle said NO evictions allowed until furthur notice..keep paying your rent..talk to your landlord or bank…..

    • Lei Lei Fu says:

      It gives me a cringe seeing them not being tested but talking to each other so closely without a mask 😷

    • Michelle Iozzia says:

      @claire bigelow oh im not in danger of any eviction but i was speaking for others who might be scared they might be . im glad to see our government stepping in like that.

  16. Nicki Snyder says:

    I;m an RN…..we have a lot of people with respiratory illnesses…we ALWAYS DO. We want to separate the covid-19 people but there are no tests. I just retired early. If we were able to handle this as the medical community would like to…I would stay & help….but to hear our president say he’s trying to keep the numbers down by not testing. No tests numbers stay down…..is ridiculous. We’ve been begging for tests since January. I just quit the hospital. I’m not going to bring this to my whole family…young grandchildren.

    • Kevin Montoya Sr. says:

      @Nicki Snyder – Obvious to me the US was purposely stripped of its overall chances to contain the inevitable; Gods Speed to everyone on this planet and to those that have been lost in this battle. Sayin’ this whilst still can before more is stripped (cell phones connectivity, internet connectivity, though Good Luck with this one: take away 2nd amendment rights from some of the toughest on the planet, etc.) from us.

    • DP A says:

      so you are a nurse….why is this worse than the flu we already have in the us when this one has killed 5000 world wide but the virus already here as killed 30, 000+ already this year?????????

    • Nicki Snyder says:

      @DP A If you get your information from trump…there is no discussing anything with you…you are misinformed about EVERYTHING! First of all the flu is not a brand new virus that we have no immunity to…it mutates year to year & we make vaccines based on scientific speculation of all the most likely forms it may take. So we are able to get yearly flu shots. Even if we don’t get the vaccine, Our immune systems have seen many forms of it already & has a much better chance of fighting it off than a brand novel virus. But most important is the mortality rate. The WHO says that is 3.4 % right now….I’m hoping that number is too high because we have so many diagnosed cases. Let’s say it’s 2.5 %, as it is at LEAST 2.5%…..If a third of Americans get it & only 2.5% die thats about 2.5 million people.

  17. Gilles Meura says:

    From Belgium: let’s be clear : Dr Fauci is UNDERreacting. You should move to social distancing in a serious way.

    • Kristi Marie says:

      @Bdub You should be prepared for the worse and just stay away from others..your way of thinking is why this virus is spreading..it’s better to be overly cautious..with ppl like you saying it’s over blown is not being very smart..let’s see how you feel from a week from now..are you seeing what’s going on in other countries? It’s happening here and right now..be worried and alive later..

    • tin pan alley 1619 Broadway says:

      @DJR5280 hes been a failure all his life but you see nothing in his past. Jeez

    • tin pan alley 1619 Broadway says:

      @Raven113 P but when I see fauci standing with trumps sycophants . And not saying any thing when one by one their thanking him for being a great leader. I lose faith in Fauci.

    • tin pan alley 1619 Broadway says:

      @Darrell Parfitt let him get shitcaned he can still advise us through the media

    • tin pan alley 1619 Broadway says:

      @charles bromberick no he doesn’t. I dont get why people dont understand that

  18. AnonyPersona says:

    Takeaway: So we pay our government a large amount of taxes (tens of thousands per year/avg worker)…. but yet they can’t get anything done without the private sector… Great.

  19. Emmett Mavy says:

    We have community spread in Utah now and the state will still not test symptomatic people who didn’t travel. It’s a Scandal!!!

    • Marko Keric says:

      Same here in Texas. Its a travesty.

    • Lars Jones says:

      We have to assume everyone has it (Fauci did not deny over 100,000 in Ohio today) expect 60% infection before we ‘blunt’ it but do what you can to save a single life. We’re on our own folks, hang in there, be good please

    • DrugTalk 101 says:

      LD70701 the mask only prevents you from coughing the disease onto others! A mask WILL NOT protect you in any way from contracting a virus! This is bad information that is false and people should not rely on something that DOES NOT work! Cheers!

    • Lars Jones says:

      @DrugTalk 101 That is a malinformed conclusion

    • Lars Jones says:

      @DrugTalk 101 I wore a “veil” lysol wipe the last time I went into public. I brought it to my face every time I breathed in. Yes, I got social stupidity from people who thought I might be sick but what do you expect from a nation that allowed a reality tv star to lead us through a crisis of his own making (pandemic response team ring a bell?)

  20. Kristina Melnichenko says:

    Not allowing us to use the WHO-approved tests in use in 30 other countries- so that private companies can try to replicate them funded by tax dollars- is criminal.

    • claire bigelow says:

      TRUMP*(IMPEACHED ) is trying to figure out how HE can make a buck off the tests..once he figures that out….they will be $500 a pop…of which he gets 95%

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