Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Celtics | Rondo Wins It At The Buzzer

Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Celtics | Rondo Wins It At The Buzzer

Rajon Rondo connected on a jumper from the left wing as time expired to lift the Lakers to a 129-128 victory over the Celtics in Boston. The Lakers connected on a franchise-record 22 three-pointers in the game (22-41, 53.7%; previous record was 19, most recently vs SAC on 2/28/2014) and LeBron James became just the third different Laker to register a triple-double against the Celtics (4th of the season, 77th of his career), joining Elgin Baylor (5) and Magic Johnson (1) as he recorded 28 points (11-21 FG, 5-10 3pt FG), 12 rebounds and 12 assists in the victory. Kyrie Irving led the Celtics with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 28-27, while the Celtics fall to 36-20 on the season.

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88 Responses

  1. Basketball Analysis says:


  2. Burrito Chaos says:

    Any laker fans here

  3. Shanta Doll says:

    James Harden got fouled in this video.

  4. yolo yolo says:

    RONDO FTW BABY, its 10x sweeter since its against the Celtics

  5. Yung Blood says:

    That boy Rondo tho! Ice in his veins ❄

  6. goats ofallgoats says:

    I’m dead they had a 18pt lead?

  7. Savion Noel says:

    Celtics fans punching air right now

    • Donte Gist says:

      +Mamba Out Danny Ainge is Dumb enough to trade all his young pieces to No for AD. But this idiot, don’t understand AD don’t want to play for the lame Celtics!!!

    • Airjet2582 says:

      The Real Jay Stone Your also forgetting we also beat your Dogers in the World Series.

    • purpleDANDY13 says:

      +Mamba Out fine then we will just enjoy being World Series and Super Bowl champs lmao, meanwhile Lakers will be struggling for a playoff position, get used to it

    • 10 Milly Suave says:

      Nahh We Had A Great Game They Shouldn’t Be Mad At All They Can Come See Us Again When We Have Lonzo Back ?‼️

    • Mamba Out says:

      +purpleDANDY13 ??? You changed up the wording. You talking about sports I could care less about.

  8. ManPunchOne says:

    Rondo might need to bring this team together as a group.

  9. ToryDaGoat says:

    NBA finally realizing people like 10 min recaps better than 3 , they even beating other channels to post full game recaps. Good job NBA

  10. Darrius Boy says:

    This win bout to wake us up!!!

  11. Ryan says:

    Rajon Rondo just killed Boston for that game winner nobody expected

  12. Jameel Gayle says:

    Make those Free throws guys l. Good game though

  13. Franklin Yi says:

    Rondo hit that shot like it was CP3’s jaw.

  14. Franklin Yi says:

    Rondo saved Luke Walton’s job with that shot.

  15. Sam Plays says:

    Any L.A. lakers People here boy lets go we won

  16. This Guys Toupee says:

    I’m not even mad at that… Respect to Rondo, always have and always will. ✊?

  17. Corey Thompson says:

    It may just be a regular season game, but don’t kid yourself, after everything that happened this week this win was huge. Absolutely huge. Their biggest of the season. Heck, their biggest in the last 3 seasons.

    • Brian White says:

      This is the kinda win that can rally a team.

    • tarik hutchinson says:

      Corey Thompson Agreed a lot of people be sleeping on the lakers. Don’t forget this is a young team with so much potential it’s crazy. The same team who were blowing out the Warriors the same game lebron went down. All they need are the right chemistry and for everyone to know there roles. Let’s be honest the west playoffs are pretty much set.

      Warriors 38-15

      Denver 37-17

      Okc 35-19

      Portland 33-21

      Houston 32-22

      Utah 31-24

      San Antonio 32-25

      Clippers 30- 26

      Kings 28-26

      Lakers 28-27

      And the other teams don’t matter. Lakers only one game over .500 with this win over the Celtics is very a good start to see how well your team plays after the trade deadline. And into All Star weekend. This Celtics lost made me think that maybe the Celtics are not as good as everyone thinks and that maybe just maybe the Celtics need Anthony Davis more than Anthony Davis needs the Celtics. I know it’s gonna be a good bidding war this summer between the Lakers and the Celtics And maybe even OKC. The years of not having a big Man on your team is over folks you better have an elite one. Oh and yeah not to mention the are still down a point guard in lonzo ball. Excited to see how he plays coming off that injury.

  18. Dr. Of Thuganomics says:

    Rondo lowkey be killing the Celtics every time he plays against them!??

  19. ngichuru3 says:

    For some reason watching this game gives me a lot of hope for my lakers. Watching the way the whole team played today Lebron doing his thing, Kuzma hitting shot, Rondo doing his thing and that game winner Lakers to NBA FINALS!

  20. Edgar Tenorio says:

    The moment the pelicans find out they should have just taken the Lakers core and gave AD away to us lmfao priceless let’s go Lakers so proud of this win

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