Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Warriors | Golden State Turns It On Late

Full Game Recap: Lakers vs Warriors | Golden State Turns It On Late

The Warriors defeated the Lakers, 115-101 tonight in Oakland. Klay Thompson led all scorers with 28 points (10-15 FG) to go with 5 rebounds, while Kevin Durant added 21 points, 11 assists and 5 rebounds in the game. Brandon Ingram led the Lakers with 20 points (9-21 FG), to go with 4 rebounds and 3 assists, with Kyle Kuzma adding 13 points and 4 rebounds in the losing effort. The Warriors made 11-34 3pt FG (32.4%) as a team in the game. With the win, the Warriors improve to 37-15 on the season while the Lakers fall to 27-26

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86 Responses

  1. Brandon Solari says:

    LeBron didn’t even play and Lakers hung with Warriors… Increasing trade value

    • Jeriah Green says:

      Bruh IT IS TIME TO GET Off of the Lakers nuts. They hung wit them for a a quarter. Plus do you honestly think they can win 4 games against the warriors in the playoffs? Actually you think if they get AD and trade their entire core that they’d be able to beat them in the playoffs. If so go drink a gallon of toilet water.

    • Jason Stone says:

      +Maximus Alpha MGTOW It is when the best player on your team is out??‍♂️

    • el loco coco says:

      Warriors look like they’re at practice

    • steveonthat says:

      Yea LeBron’s 27+ points a game attributes would of definitely make a difference

    • Bruce Scott says:

      Brandon Solari …LeBron didn’t play because was extremely sore from last Thursday night’s game. You don’t put your best player on the floor for forty minutes, after coming off a groin injury, PERIOD!!!

  2. Gael Paulino says:

    After this game I actually realized Curry is human

  3. the1kamíkaze says:

    Curry played like crap and Warriors still won. That’s tuff.
    Ps: Prayers to Kuz.

    • Pat 228 says:

      Wdym that’s tough? A team of practically kids stayed with a team of all stars for most of the game, even tho we lost that’s kinda sad for you

    • FUCK IT says:

      +Kid Corey RIGHT!!! but it’s fine when yall fucktards use the “OH WE DIDNT HAVE BOGUT AND DRAMOND ON THE 2016 FINALS” yet yall niggas said how we were saying that the Cavs lost on 2015 cuz Klove and kyrie were injured as an excuse. Like yall niggas real fast to switch up, first yall say yall lost cuz dramond wasn’t there, now yall say he is useless. Gotcha

    • Israel Escobar says:

      He resting nigga you dumb af he not excusing shit he a smart player he ganna take care of his body he not ganna make dumb decisions and end up like kobe hakeem bill russel with all them major injuries from coming back to fast from healing so he played one game to keep his body on track with the game now he resting and ganna come back healed

    • Kid Corey says:

      +Kaito Kid how can we use the “steph was out” excuse when he played and they still kicked our ass? Keep tryin tho

  4. Diego Gonzalez says:

    You should do nba live streams


    My bron bron will play the next game, he told me while i was doing his bed

  6. MRTUPAC 28 says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Tristan Thompson said the road to the Finals still goes through Cleveland.

  7. monique smith says:


  8. YFN Lil jay says:

    Anybody else day complete now that the lakers lost??‍♂️

  9. Mark Castillo says:

    The Monstars win again!!!☝?✌??

    • I Might Be says:

      +Ivan Martinez KD did not do the same thing Lebron did. Lebron did not go to a team that won 73 games and was fine without him. Lebron did not make burner accounts bashing his teammates and coach like a pussy. If Lebron would have joined the Celtics then you would have a comparison.

    • C Torres says:

      They hung in there until the last minutes of the game imagine if LeBron goat James played…?

    • BloodLust Ghoul says:

      +C Torres If losing by 14 is “hanging in there” then yeah you’re right.

    • C Torres says:

      +BloodLust Ghoul oh good one lol what im saying it was still a game late into the 4th thats without Lebron and a full warriors squad. imagine what happens if Lebron was in.

    • King Boi says:

      +C Torres Lebum was scared to play. Lebum wants to play against the clippers but choose to sit out last min.

  10. almosthomeless incali says:

    6:17 kuz, Cousin’s poster child

  11. Maximus Alpha MGTOW says:

    This why L3-6ron not no Jordan. Jordan played sore many times not to mention the flu food poisoning hang over game. Jordan the undisputed GOAT. Queen james is showing again he couldn’t last in Jordan Era

    • EZ Apples says:

      The warrior’s are considered a superteam, right? And they drafted to get Steph, Dray, and Klay. (The original 3 that won the finals). Just because they weren’t considered all stars at their start, doesnt mean its not a superteam. Bulls, WITHOUT A DOUBT, were a superteam. Doesnt matter how good Scottie was in what year, doesnt matter if this person or that person was an all star or not. None of that stops a team from winning and creating a superteam. (Scottie, Jordan, Rodman, Kerr) thats a superteam.
      (Klay, Curry, Dray, Cousins, Durant) that’s a superteam.

    • EZ Apples says:

      +Quinton Williams

      And the argument of “Jordan making/building his teammates great” isnt valid in this argument. 99% of all nba players start off bad and become great. Look at Currys gains. He used to not be shit, and now hes a top player. Who “built” him to be great?

      A players natural course of his career is designed to be like that. And I dont think it has anything to do with Jordan. If your argument is that Bulls werent much without Jordan, then please explain to me the -2 game difference without Jordan. Jordan didnt have anywhere near the impact that LeBron brings.

    • EZ Apples says:

      +Quinton Williams

      -2 game difference without Jordan
      -42 game difference without LeBron

      You can’t deny the impact factor. In terms of the impact argument, its pretty much case closed. Next argument

    • Nino Mitchell says:

      +EZ Apples big facts

    • god is woman says:


  12. O says:

    LeBron “ouch my groin” James.

  13. tc burns says:

    The young Lakers need to learn patience with shot selection. They were doing a great job of getting good looks in the 3rd and then the shot selection was just disaterous.

    Even Beasley and Stephenson were taking quick I’ll advised shots and the Warriors took advantage, like championship teams do.

    I’m still not on the “trade the entire young core” for AD bandwagon. As much as I like and respect LeBron, I almost wish he had signed with another team.

    As a Lakers fan, I didn’t suffer through watching all that horrible basketball the past few seasons just to trade it all away in order to save LeBron’s playoffs streak. That’s what it would pretty much amount to, imo.

    • tc burns says:

      +David Montano I have wondered to myself, just what could the Lakers get in a trade for LeBron, lol.

      I would love to see Anthony Davis as a Lakers, but not at the expense of the entire young core. No way. I could see two, along with a couple of picks and fillers for Davis, but that’s it.

      I just don’t see giving up the entire core. That’s just stupid. I would love to not give up any, buy I’m not ignorant either. You have to break up some of the core for a guy like Davis, who is only 25 himself.

      If the Pelicans decline the Lakers offer and decide to wait, they will end up with less. The Celtics will not become a major player in the off-season once Kyrie leaves them holding nothing. Just watch. Then Magic can offer just one of the young core, a draft pick and a couple of fillers.

      No matter what, KCP will be a Lakers for the rest of this season and once he is off the books, then Kyrie, Thompson and Leanord are all going to be options for the Lakers.

      Patience is the key here. All the way around.

    • GRODT Gang says:

      tc burns lebron went to LA too be an actor and live closer to home he knows if he actually wanted to win he could’ve easily went to Philly and any other team he was beating in the playoffs

    • Lin He says:


    • Adrian Silver says:

      Golden State 2019 Nba Champions?

    • e mc says:

      +tc burns y’all don’t have much chance to be patient, LeBron is getting old and you only have one offseason at getting the team right and you may have to trade away everything just to lose to the nuggets or GSW and become bottom feeders again for the next 5 years.

  14. Chirag Gandhi says:

    Obviously Lebron didnt play. Ultimately they know GSW is THE team they have to beat to make it to the finals. This is a test to see which players they want to keep and not keep. They want to know which players can ball against GSW so they can keep them, and trade the bad ones to acquire AD.

  15. Roy Batty says:

    Like I said, Lakers will be lucky if they get an 80% Lebron for the rest of the season. He ain’t 24, he 34.

    • Muhammad Matthews says:

      Roy Batty a 34-year-old 80% bron gave them 24, 14, 9. At 80% he’s still better than nearly every player in the NBA, that’s crazy

    • MRTUPAC 28 says:

      Muhammad Matthews Very easy to do that in a soft era in basketball.

    • Muhammad Matthews says:

      MRTUPAC 28 lol you say that, but only a hand full of players are doing it. If it was as easy as you make it sounds everyone would be doing it.

    • MRTUPAC 28 says:

      Muhammad Matthews Years ago players weren’t soft pussies like the new generation of fans. They actually worked on their games and there were good teams and players in both conferences. The NBA has been dead, but the younger generation of fans are to stupid to see it.

    • Jameel Gayle says:

      Sprax Not really because when Lebron was in Miami and he had a groin injury, he was only out for one game. He was 28 then though.

  16. Alex Hern says:

    Trade Lebron and throw in Lonzo for free for Anthony Davis

  17. Sean Klein says:

    Boogie muggin after that mean dunk makes me so happy. Love how his team had to pull him away from standing over the dude for too long

  18. George Tello says:

    LeBron was like imma sit this one down so they can say golden state only won this cuz i wasnt playing

    • Nasir Watts says:

      George Tello no matter what y’all try to say something negative about Bron. If he played and played well you’d then say he was stat patting to win MVP. And if he doesn’t play overly well he’s overrated

  19. HemanParkFilms says:

    Curry is a freaking magician with the rock. He seems to have gotten stronger and quicker, in the middle of his prime. Nobody discusses how much Klay has worked on his ball handling skills. He can get his own shot, get to the rim, and is better playmaker because of it. Those 2 are becoming legendary.

  20. A Bow Tied Guitarist says:

    Trade James for Davis and some picks??

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